Imlie 9th June 2022 Written Update Episode

Imlie Determines To Protect Madhav

Imlie 9th June 2022 Written Update. Star Plus Serial Imlie 9 June 2022 Written Episode on

Imlie Written Update

Despite Aryan’s status as the CEO of many companies, Imlie confronts her and asserts that only she has the authority to determine whether or not she is correct. is unable to comprehend her predicament because she’s not a lady When Aryan makes a bogus report, inspector blames him and goes away.

He informs Imlie that she prevented a criminal from being punished. Imlie expresses his condolences to Madhav for the distress caused by Aryan. Aryan informs Imlie that she didn’t perform a good enough job at her job. Imlie believes that a woman can detect when someone is staring her in the eyes, and that he should speak to her first before making any accusations against anyone in particular.

Upon returning home, Imlie inquires as to why Aryan is behaving in such a strange manner and why he considers Madhav to be his adversary. When Aryan sees her, he hands her his doctor’s report. Adna asks whether he’s okay since she’s worried about him. Aryan requests that she peruse the document.

Imlie is astonished to find that Aryan is infertile and wonders how it could be. He says he has had this report since she told him she was pregnant. It’s impossible for this to be true because Imlie is pregnant, she claims. In fact, Aryan claims he even double-checked the results by having the test performed at a different facility and discovering the same results.

Astonished, Imlie tries to explain what happened. He tells her she doesn’t have to explain anything since he’ll always treat her baby as his own. She inquires as to if he means that the infant is

He claims the kid is Madhav’s since he drugged her and had sex with her during a sting operation. Imlie claims she was injured during the sting and was treated by Madhav. There are conflicting reports as to whether or not Aryan offered her sleeping tablets as a painkiller.

She claims there was nothing wrong with Madhav’s actions, she claims, and she knows her own body. Aryan claims to be in a state of denial, and Madhav harmed Aryan. Despite Imlie’s reservations, he sticks up for Madhav. Aryan has said that he will assassinate Madhav. Imlie claims that if he wants to murder Madhav, he will have to step over her dead corpse.

Aryan is inconsolable as he thinks back to Imlie’s comments. His assistant tells him about the shooting at a children’s cultural event and Imlie’s heroic efforts to safeguard the youngsters. He was astonished to learn about it while watching the news.

He discovers that a guy was responsible for the shooting and sets out to capture him. Why didn’t she tell him about the shootout? He angrily comes over to her. She claims to be in good health. He asserts that he is her superior and that it is her responsibility as a professional to tell him of this.

According to her, he should not be talking about professionalism when he fired an intern in an unprofessional manner. In response, he pulls her away and tells her she will send the report and become a voice for the innocent children and their parents.

Jyoti rehearses her reaction to learning of Imlie’s death in front of a mirror so that she might win over Aryan’s sympathies. Aryan is overcome with emotion when he comes home.

The thought of Imlie’s death fills Jyoti with joy, and so she asks him why he’s sobbing. “Imlie,” he says. She inquires about the fate of Imlie. It’s his contention that he should have notified Imlie about his infertility a long time ago. Jyoti is dismayed, wondering how Imlie is still alive.

Asking how she can persuade Aryan he is the father of her baby, Imlie implores Seeta Maiya to help her. Madhav cannot do anything wrong and the report can’t be misprinted. Jyoti learns from Aryan about what transpired at the office.

Imlie has come to the conclusion that Aryan’s report was tampered with in some way, and it was even attempted to establish that she was infertile. She’s on a mission to find out who’s causing all of this havoc. When Jyoti starts to doubt Madhav, Aryan tells her that Imlie believed him even when he lied to her, and he tells her all about it.

During the prequel, Aryan informs Imlie that Madhav has to recover in order to expose the truth. Imlie challenges Madhav to a fight for his life. Aryan accepts Madhav’s challenge to retaliate against him.

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