Imlie 6th August 2022 Written Update Episode

Aryan claims he came here to seek an apology from a journalist

Star Plus Serial Imlie 6th August 2022 Written Update Episode on

Imlie Written Update

Malini goes over the news paper deal papers and praises Aryan for getting the deal at such a low price that they won’t lose money even if they close this news paper. She claims she would never have considered it. Aryan claims he does not expect her to be intelligent. Malini agrees that he is a good businessman who destroyed the idiots who tried to harm him, and that they should now return to Delhi. Aryan says she can go, but he won’t go without an apology letter.

Malini claims that this newspaper is his apology letter, and that he can run headlines proclaiming that he is the best for the entire month. Aryan claims he came here to seek an apology from a journalist, but she burned the apology letter, so he will not return. Malini requests that he leave it to her; she will serve legal notice on Imlie and make her suffer for the rest of her life. Aryan claims that he only gave her rights in his business and not in his personal life, so she should stay out of it. Malini believes Aryan cannot hide his truth with clever lines, and she knows she is not here for a piece of paper, but to collect the pieces of his broken heart.

Aryan notices a foul odour outside and walks out to find Imlie stamping cow dung cakes on the wall while singing jovially in her usual style. He inquires as to what she is up to. She claims to be driving away mosquitoes and unwanted visitors. Aryan claims to be the owner of this newspaper and refuses to let her do anything. Imlie claims that because she is unemployed, she enjoys making cow dung cakes. Aryan assigns her to work as a junior reporter.

Another reporter claims Imlie has covered many major stories and that doing a minor assignment will make her look bad. Aryan claims to be the boss and that the order is his. Imlie says she will complete whatever task is assigned to her. Malini thinks they are such a cute couple who are separated even after being so close that she will make sure they never reunite and will not let Cheeni, Meethi, or Imlie’s Seeta maiya assist them.

Meethi is on her way to drop Cheeni off at school while carrying Imlie’s prepared laddus. Cheeni is adamant about tasting them right away. Meethi says they’ll do it at home. Cheeni notices Aryan’s car and rushes in to share his laddu. Malini notices her and inquires as to her purpose for being here. Cheeni wonders why she smells like cow dung. Malini claims that her village people’s behaviour stinks, not hers. Cheeni warns her not to speak negatively about her villagers or she will pinch her, then recalls Imlie’s order to respect everyone and says Imlie taught her to respect everyone. She hands Malini a laddu, claiming Imlie made it. Malini becomes enraged when she hears Imlie’s name and throws it in the trash. Cheeni becomes enraged and taunts that she is lonely and will never find a companion. Malini becomes enraged and attempts to apprehend her. Imlie flees, leaving Malini enraged.

Cheeni approaches Aryan and asks him to accompany him to school. Aryan claims to be young, but he has already attended school. She claims she has a speech competition at school and would like him to attend. He apologises and says he needs to finish some important work. She presents him with laddus. He chooses to drop her off at school. Imlie arrives at school to cover the story and expresses gratitude to Seeta Maiya for giving her this assignment at the right time. She runs into two men and asks if they are hurt. They refuse and rush in. Imlie detects an unusual odour. Cheeni arrives with Aryan and Meethi. Imlie inquires as to what Aryan is doing there. Aryan claims to have brought Cheeni. Imlie takes Cheeni and declares that she is not a 5-day-old child, but a 5-year-old.

The nok jhok of Aryan and Imlie begins. Cheeni instructs Imlie on how to interact with Aryan. Imlie appears to be getting along well with Aryan. Aryan inquires if she is okay or if she is in shock. Imlie inquires as to the nature of the shock. Aryan inquires if she is unable to bear her sad life and is behaving well with him in the hope that he will take pity on her and make her life easier. Imlie claims he never assisted her. Aryan claims she did not; he is here at Cheeni’s invitation or he would not have come. Imlie suggests they tolerate each other for the sake of Cheeni. Aryan claims he lost his patience five years ago and doesn’t have much left.

All students are summoned by the teacher. Cheeni is following her. Meethi promises to make laddus for everyone. Let the competition end, says Imlie. Meethi predicts Cheeni’s victory and offers Aryan laddu. Imlie claims she didn’t make extra laddus to throw away. Aryan says Cheeni already gave him one laddu and picks another, saying she should add more sweetness next time. Imlie walks away with a frown. She enters a storage room and detects a strange odour from the nearby boxes.

Both men stop her from checking the box and inform her that it contains candy for children. Imlie walks away. Men debate its merits. Imlie did not check the box because it contained stale laddus that had been sitting for a week. Malini walks in and overhears their conversation. They become terrified when they see her. Malini demands that they do some work for her. They inquire as to the nature of the work. Malini chooses Imlie’s laddu box, believing she will begin her game with Imlie part 2 Cheeni.

The teacher summons all students to the stage for the competition. Imlie begins to record. Aryan stops her and asks her to sign a new apology letter, apologising for all of her mistakes. Imlie claims she is sorry for all of her mistakes, including Aryan. Aryan claims Imlie doesn’t do anything for free, so he will offer her a deal in exchange for signing the letter and sitting in the front row to watch Cheeni’s speech. Imlie fills in the blanks on the letter. Aryan becomes enraged when she refuses to write an apology.

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