Imlie 5th August 2022 Written Update Episode

Malini Reaches Pagdandiya

Star Plus Serial Imlie 5th August 2022 Written Update Episode on

Imlie Written Update

Imlie gets into a fight with shopkeepers and orders Cheeni to flee. Cheeni declares that it is time to demonstrate girl power rather than flee, and she selects a stone to throw at shopkeepers. The shopkeeper grabs her stone and throws her into the air. Aryan keeps Cheeni on track. Cheeni is overjoyed to see her hero Ji. Aryan inquires as to her well-being. She claims to be, but shopkeepers will not be pleased. The shopkeeper warns him to stop his drama and leave. He falls far away after Aryan punches him.

The shopkeeper apologises and asks Imlie why she didn’t say the city man is with Imlie. Imlie and Aryan both state emphatically that they are not together. Cheeni is asked what she requires by the shopkeeper. Cheeni claims she doesn’t require anything right now. Aryan purchases an entire store for Cheeni and names it Cheeni Grocery Shop. Cheeni reads the name board and declares that it is her shop. Aryan claims she is free to take whatever she wants. Cheeni is overjoyed to hear this.

Imlie claims that they don’t require anything from this shop. Cheeni takes cover behind Aryan. Aryan requests that she not drag a young girl into their fight. Imlie accuses him of making her life difficult and depriving her of her salary. Aryan promises to make her life difficult. Cheeni believes they are holding each other like a film’s hero and heroine and hopes that no villain disturbs them. Malini comes to a halt and exits her car. Aryan and Imlie are taken aback to see her there. Malini approaches them. Cheeni intervenes. Malini remembers her child. Cheeni wonders why she is bothering them when they are together. Malini claims they are simply standing together and recalls her as an arrogant girl over the phone. Imlie is concerned that Malini will mistake Cheeni for her daughter. Aryan wonders why Imlie is panicked when he sees Malini.

Cheeni refers to Malini as “sweet potato” and asks if she recognised her. Of course, Malini says, how could she forget an arrogant girl? Cheeni misbehaves with her and claims she must be alone because everyone has abandoned her. Malini recalls Tripathis abandoning her and attempts to hit her angrily. Aryan and Imlie stop her and warn her not to touch a child. Malini believes they are both stopping her as if they are the girl’s parents. She tells Imlie that she is still blocking her path after all these years for a random child, and she wonders if she grabbed someone’s child just because none of her marriages worked and she was lonely. She believes this girl, like Imlie, is an illegitimate child. Aryan and Imlie both tell her to stop talking. Imlie claims she can tell anything against her, but if she speaks ill of the young girl, she will dig her own grave.

Cheeni calls it “girl power” and asks Imlie if she knows who this rude Malini is. Imlie believes Malini is her mother, lifts Cheeni on her back, believes she lost everything to get Cheeni, and refuses to let Aryan and Malini separate her from Cheeni. Malini believes this little girl is close to Aryan and Imlie; what if the little girl brings them closer together again? Aryan says she will never forget her favourite pastime of insulting Imlie and wonders how she can be so impolite to the girl. Malini apologises and claims the little girl provoked her; she had no idea Aryan knew the girl.

Aryan believes that children should be spoiled, and that anyone who does not know how to interact with children should not be a part of his group. Malini claims Imlie is to blame for her rude behaviour, which ruined her life and completely changed her. She claims she heard he bought a local news paper here and came to sign the deal as his 50 percent business partner. He claims he would have sent her papers. She says she’s arrived and would like to speak with you before finalising the deal. Hearing that, Imlie walks away disheartened.

Anu brings Rathore House sweets and gifts. Preeta notices this and informs Neela that Malini’s mother has returned. Neela inquires of Anu about Malini’s third marriage. Anu retorts that Preeta did not marry a man she has disliked for many years. Returning to Pagdandiya, Cheeni tells Meethi how Aryan and Imlie shielded her from shopkeepers and Malini. Meethi inquires as to the identity of the city woman. Imlie believes Meethi will be upset if she learns about Malini and lies about not knowing who that city woman is. Cheeni claims the woman used Imlie’s name. Arpita questions Anu about why she brought sweets. Anu claims that Aryan and Malini purchased a local newspaper in Pagdandiya. Arpita claims that Aryan closes 10 deals per day, which is not cause for celebration. Anu claims that Malini has also travelled to Pagdandiya and that after spending time with Aryan, they may both return home as more than just business partners.

Cheeni instructs Cheeni on how to interact with elders. Cheeni claims that a city woman misbehaved with her first, and that Imlie misbehaved with Aryan as well. She suggests that they make a deal in which Imlie will behave well with Aryan and she will behave well with Malini. Imlie claims she won’t be able to stand up to Aryan if he provokes her. Meethi threatens him with an elbow strike if he does so. They all happily hug each other.

Neela mocks Anu by saying that Malini has been with Aryan for 5 years and he hasn’t looked at her once. Anu responds that Preeta has been with Aryan for 28 years, but Aryan has never looked at her. Preeta becomes enraged and walks away fuming, claiming that she has been 24 years for many years. Cheeni is rehearsing her speech for her school essay. Imlie reasons that if history repeats itself and Malini and Aryan try to ruin her life again, she will expel them from Pagdandiya and not allow them to do so.

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