Imlie 4th August 2022 Written Update Episode

Imlie Faces Humiliation

Star Plus Serial Imlie 4th August 2022 Written Update Episode on

Imlie Written Update

Aryan and Imlie disagree with each other and split up. Imlie believes that the last time she parted ways with him was because she didn’t want to cause him pain, but this time she will be as still as a mountain. Aryan believes he will become a flood and drown Imlie in the anger he has harboured for the past five years. Malini tries to take her phone during pooja at Rathore House, but Anu stops her, and the phone falls into the havan fire. Arpita mocks Malini by saying that she is so eager to reunite Aryan and Imlie that she set her phone on fire. Malini hopes Aryan does not run into Imlie.

Aryan goes back to his hotel room, missing Imlie. Imlie is watching the rain and missing Aryan. They are both frustrated by their last argument. The song Tujhe Bhuladiya… is playing in the background. They both recall all of their previous romantic encounters and fights. Meethig gets Cheeni ready for school the next morning. Imlie hands her a pickle and roti tiffin. Cheeni claims she requires something else. Meethi requests kadi chawal, kheer, and halwa. Cheeni prefers pinja/pizza. If Imlie asks if she wants to see Aryan again, she says no. Cheeni is adamant about having pizza. Meethi believes in Cheeni and asks Imlie to get her whatever she desires. Cheeni sings naan/granny no. 1 and thanks hero/Aryan for feeding her delicious food. Imlie advises her to stop chanting Aryan’s name because he will not always be with her.

Malini is enraged at Anu for dropping her phone in the fire. Anu advises her to focus on marrying Aryan and living a happy life. Malini has stated that she does not wish to marry Aryan. The technician examines her phone and informs her that her sim card is fine, but her data has been erased. Malini throws her floor and claims she has no idea what Rajat has done to her. Sundar speaks to Aryan and indirectly asks if he met Imlie while Naramada is with Arpita.

When Aryan notices Arpita and Sundar, he asks them to stop talking about Imlie. They both want to know if he met Imlie and what they talked about. Aryan claims he did and doesn’t want to see her again, but he has no choice but to destroy her. They are all concerned about Imlie and urge him to forget the past and move on with Imlie because God has brought them back together. Aryan claims to know how Imlie is and that he will return to Delhi only after removing all reason to return to Pagdandiya.

Imlie goes shopping on credit for pizza and pasta ingredients. The shopkeeper insults her and says he will no longer give her credit. Neela arrives with Preeta and informs Anu and Malini that Aryan met Imlie. Hearing that, Malini panics and says she has a feeling something bad will happen today. Preeta begins her drama by stating that Imlie will try to entice Aryan back into his life. Imlie goes to the news paper’s office and asks the editor for her pay. The editor claims that he has no control over her salary.

Imlie inquires as to who controls it now. Aryan enters and declares that he owns the newspaper and demands that she sign an apology letter and accept her salary. Imlie says she has two months’ salary owed him; he can pay her and accept her jai seeta maiya ki greeting in exchange. Aryan claims that he changed the rules and no longer hires freelancers, so she must work in the office for a salary; he is her boss as of today, and she is her employee. Imlie recalls saying similar words in the past and walks away, declining his offer.

Imlie and Cheeni walk past a grocery store. The shopkeeper mocks her by pointing out that his biggest creditor is passing by. Imlie claims that because he is a father of two children and understands his children’s emotions, he should give her pizza grocery credit. Instead, the shopkeeper gives her stones in a bag and tells her that this is her status. Cheeni approaches him. If she got pizza for her daughter in charity from a man, the shopkeeper suggests she entice him and get a father’s name for her daughter in charity. Imlie slaps him and warns him not to speak ill of him or she will trash him. The shopkeeper’s assistant becomes enraged and tells her she is ruining Pagdandiya with her sins and warns her to flee. Cheeni selects a stone to hurl at shopkeepers. The shopkeeper picks her up and throws her away. Aryan walks in and grabs Cheeni. Cheeni is overjoyed to see hero Ji.

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