Imlie 3rd June 2022 Written Update Episode

Jyoti Plans To Ensnare Madhav

Imlie 3rd June 2022 Written Update. Star Plus Serial Imlie 3 June 2022 Written Episode on

Aryan’s sleep is disrupted by Imlie’s parrot calling her mommy. Asks him to return home quietly and not disturb mother. ‘Aryan’ In her sleep, Imlie rambles on about ABP, Chiku, and amma. Aryan punishes the parrot by picking him up and tossing him out of the room. Jyoti approaches Aryan and admits to having a strange feeling.

For some reason, Aryan believes she must have heard this parrot’s voice screaming out to Imlie, who is disturbed by the noise. After hearing about Imlie and Madhav’s sting operation in which Imlie fell asleep, Jyoti recalls visiting his workplace on the day of the sting. She tells me she was taken aback by it.

Aryan claims that he, too, attempted to contact Imlie at the time, but that she did not answer his phone. If she isn’t awake, Jyhoti thinks that she must be under the influence of a sedative. Aryan thinks it’s possible. Jyoti believes he has finally found his footing.

Aryan insists on taking Imlie to the doctor for a physical exam the next morning. She wonders why she needs further exams now that she’s already had them. Aryan claims he knows she wasn’t OK throughout the sting operation, therefore he didn’t contact her either.

Jyoti tells Aryan that he is concerned about Imlie and inquires as to why she was so busy throughout the sting. After taking medication that Madhav provided, Imlie claims to have had a terrible headache and fallen asleep. As a result, Aryan is astonished. Imlie claims to be unable to recall what transpired after the procedure.

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