Imlie 3rd August 2022 Written Update Episode

Imlie’s Adamancy Irks Aryan

Star Plus Serial Imlie 3rd August 2022 Written Update Episode on

Imlie Written Update

Cheeni tells Imlie that she was tormented at the market by locals who said she didn’t have a father. Imlie declares that she will address them right now. Cheeni stops her and begs her to tell her the name of her father. Imlie claims they are the same since she hasn’t known her father’s name since childhood, Satyakam Dadda, because a father is the one who wipes their tears, fights for them, and protects them.

Cheeni imagines Aryan and adds that, like hero ji, he doesn’t know where he is now since he meets Imlie’s description. Imlie wants her to disregard hero ji because she does not want her to use his name. Aryan arrives. Cheeni comes up to him and embraces him, telling Imlie that she recalled hero Ji and he arrived. Imlie invites Cheeni inside.

Neela summons Panditji to her house for a shanti pooja. Arpita mocks Neela, saying that she previously organised a cat party with Anu and today shanti pooja, so why not become an event planner? Neela becomes enraged. Narmada apologises and orders Arpita to stop. Preeta gives Panditji Aryan’s kundali/horoscope. Arpita inquires whether she intends to remarry Aryan. Neela expresses worry for Aryan and requests that Panditji investigate whether or not Aryan will have a lady in his life. Malini appears with Anu and claims that a lady has already entered Aryan’s life.

Imlie inquires as to why Aryan has come here. Aryan claims he came to see Cheeni. Cheen is secure in Imlie’s house with her loved ones, so he may depart. Aryan inquires about Cheeni’s loved ones. Imlie claims she and her mother. Aryan inquires as to who else. Imlie describes someone who stood by her when no one else did, who protected her, who understands how tough it is to raise a child alone. Aryan wonders who that is. Imlie says, “Seeta maiya.” Aryan inquires about Cheeni’s father. Meethi walks in and introduces Cheeni as a distant relative’s daughter.

Anu informs Neela that Aryan is not alone, since Malini is his business partner. Arpita claims that who will be in Aryan’s life is inscribed in his heart, and that if someone is already in his heart, how would someone else enter it? Malini says they came here to find out on Narmada’s health and asks how she is. Narmada claims to be OK. Malini says she’s glad to hear it and that they’ll go right now. Anu is adamant about attending the pooja. Narmada greets her.

Meethi informs Aryan that Cheeni’s father abandoned her and her mother couldn’t manage her alone, so she lives with them. Aryan strokes her feet, hands her a pizza package, and says he’ll be right back. Meethi insists on his having lunch with them as a village visitor, and he has brought the food. She requests that Imlie serve thali. Imlie questions why she invited Aryan, threatening to hurl the meal price in Aryan’s face.

Aryan really cares about Meethi, she asks. Imlie wonders why he hasn’t remembered her after 5 years. Meethi claims Aryan knows and came here for Cheeni, therefore Imlie should tell him the truth. Imlie claims that revealing Cheeni’s identity would make Aryan hate her, hence she will never divulge Cheeni’s identity to Aryan. She brings food to the table. Meethi begs Seeta maiya to make Imlie happy.

Panditji examines Aryan’s kundali and declares that khushi/happiness awaits him. Preeta maintains her name is Preeta, not Khushi, and she has been here for six years. Panditji claims the girl has been in Aryan’s life for a long time and will alter his destiny. Malini wonders whether he’s referring to Imlie. Aryan attempts to teach Cheeni how to pronounce pizza, but she fails. Cheeni invites Imlie to join them for pizza. Imlie claims that she is not hungry.

The quarrel between Aryan and Imlie begins. Imlie claims that he constantly enters her life with the intent of destroying it. Aryan claims that her bogus story is damaging Bhaskar Times and requests that she write an apology letter. Imlie disposes of the apologetic letter. Aryan claims she made a mistake. Imlie claims to always do the right thing. He keeps track of how long they’ve been apart. Imlie claims she was correct both then and today.

Aryan claims she is solely concerned with herself and is unconcerned with how others suffer as a result of her; he will incur significant losses as a result of her, and she is unconcerned. Imlie claims that she, too, is injured and will suffer as a result of her. Rajat observes Aryan and sends a photograph of him to Malini. Anu grabs Malini’s phone and takes it away. Preeta believes panditji should take her name as Aryan’s wife straight and hopes Aryan comes home soon from Pagdandiya. Malini expresses her desire for Aryan to return soon. Aryan tells Imlie that he knew she’d make his life tough, but he won’t leave Pagdandiya without her apology letter. Imlie asserts that she will not sign it. Aryan claims that the game starts now and ends there.

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