Imlie 31st May 2022 Written Update Episode

Imlie’s Pregnancy Is Confirmed

Imlie 31st May 2022 Written Update. Star Plus Serial Imlie 31 May 2022 Written Episode on

The Episode start with After maintaining the Vatsavitri vrat/fast, Imie, Arpita, Narmada, and others go to the temple for pooja. Arpita asks Imlie how they keep quick in her community. Imlie expresses himself in the same way that everyone else does. Imlie is taunted by Narmada, who says she must not believe in fasting. Arpita inquires as to why she is saying it. Imlie shifts the conversation’s focus and inquires whether she is capable of parikrama.

Arpita responds, “Why not?” and inquires of Gudiya as to why she is conducting pooja while she is not yet married. Nila shouts at her, claiming that Gudiya has been fasting for Aryan since she was a toddler, and that if Imlie hadn’t intervened, Gudiya would have married Aryan and had a child by now. Imlie tells Arpita to forget about it and assigns her puja to Gudiya. Imlie becomes dizzy while practising parikrama. Nila and Gudiya discuss how Imlie is responding to Baba’s treatment. Imlie passes out. Everyone is rushing to her aid.

Jyoti and Aryan ride together in a vehicle. She receives Imlie’s fainting photo from her assistant and concludes that Imlie will never be a mother. Imlie is checked by an elderly woman, who tells her that she collapsed because she is pregnant. Imlie is fasting for her own confidence, so Aryan buys presents for her. Jyoti inquires as to why he is conversing with himself. Aryan claims that he has been since he met Imlie, and that it is for the better, and that it will last the rest of his life.

She examines her earrings and recalls that he had previously given her identical earrings. He claims that if he had the opportunity, he would have taken it from Arpita and given it to her. Madhav enters and tells him that he and Imlie are planning a sting operation. Aryan inquires as to when they began this sting operation. Madhav claims that he has been working on it for two weeks, but that he completed it in one day. Aryan thanks him and tells him he may go.

Jyoti irritates Aryan by claiming that Imlie kept the project a secret for two weeks despite being with him the whole time. Imlie gave credit to Madhav instead of Aryan, who says Imlie can do it, reviews the report, and thinks it’s excellent. Jyoti believes he is obsessed rather than in love. Back at the temple, elderly women argue that Imlie’s mother-in-law should not have allowed her to fast while pregnant and should have looked after her.

Nila curses Imlie, cries that she’s infertile and just acting, and screams at the elderly woman. Lady refutes Imoie’s claim that she is pregnant, claiming that she has conducted more births than Nila. Nila stands enraged. Imlie is overjoyed to learn about her pregnancy. Narmada feels bad about not believing Imlie. Arpita suggests that they take Imlie to the hospital first, and she has already told Sundar to arrive at the hospital.

Imlie’s records are checked at the hospital, and the doctor notifies her that she is pregnant. Imlie is congratulated by Sundar. Imlie expresses his heartfelt gratitude to Seeta maiya. They return to their house. Narmada asks Arpita, anxiously, what the doctor said. Arpita claims to have given birth to a child. Narmada had an emotional outburst. Imlie begs her not to say anything for the time being. Narmada inquires as to whether she informed Aryan. Imlie claims that he hasn’t done so yet, but that he will shortly.

She dials Aryan’s number. Jyoti answers the phone. Imlie announces that she is expecting a child. Jyoti expresses her surprise at her plan’s failure and congratulates her. She inquires as to whether or not she took the medication. Imlie claims she didn’t since it was past midnight and she needed to fast. She urges her to surprise Aryan by bringing him home in some way. Jyoti agrees, and in a fit of rage, she smashes a picture frame, wounding her hand.

Imlie prays to Seeta maiya and expresses gratitude for the benefits she has received. When Aryan arrives home, his family waits for him, acting uncomfortable and cracking dumb jokes. Imlie dances joyfully and approaches towards Aryan with a file in her hand. Aryan follows suit, concealing a packet in her palm. They both begin their nok jhok routine.

When Imlie smells gas and goes to the kitchen, she is going to tell him about her pregnancy. Jyoti sets fire to a gas line in order to roast Imlie alive. Imlie is quickly rescued by Aryan, who pushes her out of the kitchen. Something knocks him in the head, and he is knocked out. Imlie is concerned about her safety. Family members come to his aid. The report that Aryan was clutching catches fire. Imlie covers herself in a blanket and enters the kitchen to free Aryan.

Aryan remembers receiving a printout and believes that if Imlie valued jewellery, she would have noticed that one of her anklets was gone. He congratulates her on her promotion to executive reporter at the Bhaskar Times. Imlie frees him, and they both pass out. While others quietly watch, Narmada and Arpita attempt to wake them awake anxious.

Aryan notifies Imlie that she has received a promotion. Imlie explains that he has received a promotion and is now a parent. Aryan is told by the doctor that he is sterile.

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