Imlie 30th September 2022 Written Update Episode

Imlie Written Episode

Star Plus Serial Imlie 30th September 2022 Written Update Episode on

Imlie Written Update

Rudra explains to Imlie that he came here with his son’s alliance for Imlie and that he wants her to see him first. She has the right to reject his son without hesitation, but he would still think of her as his daughter regardless of whether she becomes his DIL. If she will or not, he wants to know. Sundar motions for her to accept. Imlie accepts after remembering Narmada’s advice to respond positively to Rudra’s inquiries. Chini and Anu scowl as Arpita and Rupali congratulate Imlie. In the middle of the night, Imlie asks Chini for advice on whether she should meet Rudra’s kid and how to reject him if she doesn’t like him. She is excessively traditional, according to Chini, which is why her uncle and unties appreciate her. However, young boys want smart, outgoing ladies, so Rudra’s kid will likely reject her. Imlie apologises to Rudra in advance for hurting his heart since she believes Chini is correct that any young kid wouldn’t like her. grins Chini.

Rudra compliments Imlie at breakfast the next morning. Devika claims that since he began praising Imlie last night, everyone has become impatient to see him. Let Atharva and Imlie first meet, advises Rudra. Atharv moves on by. After completing his band baja, Rudra requests that he come to his specified place in the afternoon. According to Atharva, he has two duties today. Rudra becomes enraged and demands that he see the girl right now since he has set up an alliance for him. Imlie’s hair is brushed by Rupali and Aparna, who claim that no one would reject Imlie. Imlie is required to follow Chini as she prepares Ms. Shutlik in a parlour. Imlie nods and departs to retrieve her dupatta. Chini believes Imlie wants to take care of her mother and family’s reputation, but she just wants to take care of herself and won’t let Imlie to marry a wealthy guy since it’s her goal and legal to do so.

Atharva is cautioned by Rudra to see the girl or stay away from home. He is being tried to relax by Devika. According to Keya, Atharva’s papaji held a pistol to his head and told him to wed a female of his choosing anytime he likes. Rudra claims that because his older son has wed a woman of his choosing, he won’t for the same error to be made again. He cautions Atharv once again that the girl’s access to this residence would be permanently barred if he doesn’t meet her. Atharv is persuaded by Devika and Shivani to only see the woman since he would not be marrying her right away. Atharva concurs and promises to wed the lady of his choosing anytime he pleases.

Imlie is taken to a lovely salon by Chini, who tells her she has to seem elegant and attractive in front of Rudra’s kid. Imlie nods hesitantly. Chini is asked by the parlour lady whether she brought her maid today. Imlie is her newest customer, claims Chini. The lady provides Imlie green tea to put a shine on her face before stating that Imlie has to work for at least two to three hours. Chini grinned. Rudra scolds Akash for using bribe money to get a college spot for his sister. Keya supports Akash and argues that he should be pleased that his daughter will attend a prestigious university. Devika cautions Keya to act properly around Papaji. According to Rudra, children of their age used to appreciate even an ancient tree on their yard; today’s children want to tear down the tree and build a parking lot in its stead. Shivani and Devika attempt to console him.

When his automobile breaks down, Atharav becomes enraged and plays his rock music to calm himself down. Looking around, he remembers leaving Chini and Imlie there. Imlie can feel the searing in her flesh. Chini would steal everything from Imlie to end her poverty because she believes that this burning is nothing compared to the searing and sorrow she has been experiencing since Aryan and Imlie’s deaths.

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