Imlie 30th July 2022 Written Update Episode

Cheeni’s Remedy Saves Narmada’s Life

Star Plus Serial Imlie 30th July 2022 Written Update Episode on

Imlie Written Update

Cheeni looks for food at home to feed Aryan. Aryan offers she take money from his wallet and bring food. Cheeni requests half of the prasad laddu since she needs the other half for someone else. Aryan requests that she release his hands so that he may eat laddu. She claims he need a mouth in order to consume laddu. Because he claims she like sweets, her mother called her Cheeni. Cheeni inquires whether he has any friends that are named after various things. Aryan thinks about Imlie.

Anu poisons Narmada, and her health worsens. Malini arrives at Rathore House and says she will contact Aryan. Arpita suggests to let everything alone since Aryan can’t do anything about Pagdandiya. She advises Sundar to take Narmada to the hospital. Malini believes Aryan should be aware of the situation and phones him.

Aryan requests that Cheeni look into who phoned him. Name is spelled by her. Aryan says he’ll leave things alone since he doesn’t want to speak to Malini. Instead of refusing the call, Cheeni accepts it. Malini notices her and remembers her newborn child. Cheeni refers to her as mother. Malini inquires as to who she is and why she is holding Aryan’s phone; it seems that a tiny girl stole Aryan’s phone. Cheeni cautions her to watch her tongue. Malini claims that all Pagdandiays are thieves.

Aryan says something. Malini notifies him that his mother’s health has abruptly worsened. Aryan becomes concerned and requests that Cheeni release him. Imlie arrives home and freezes, believing her daughter is with a city guy and unwilling to confront her history. Aryan becomes terrified and requests that Arpita rush Narmada to the hospital. Cheeni urges everyone to be quiet and tells Malini that she doesn’t appear clever and should give the phone to someone who is. Arpita steals Malini’s phone.

Cheeni instructs her to take a deep breath and then give Narmada neem leaf water. Aryan questions Cheeni about her actions. Cheeni claims to be confident. Namada’s health improves, and she tells Aryan not to be concerned about her. Arpita inquires about Aryan. Aryan claims he came to confront a reporter who produced a false piece about Bhaskar Times and would then return to Delhi. Arpita aspires to see Malini and requests that he appreciate the small child who assisted them.

Imlie bursts through the window and enters the home to discover Cheeni shaking hands with the city guy. The editor contacts her and asks why she didn’t tell him she was a senior reporter for the Bhaskar Times 5 years ago. Imlie claims it’s not a huge deal and remembers everything from her initial encounter with Aryan to their most recent battle. The editor claims that the future of his newspaper is now dependent on her history, and he would be ruined if she does not meet with the city guy and clear up the misunderstanding; she should do whatever to rescue him from the legal struggle.

Aryan becomes enraged while waiting for the reporter/Imlie and discovers that his watch has gone lost. Imlie remembers Aryan by looking at his watch. Cheeni wonders whether Aryan’s mother would chastise him now. Aryan claims that his mother does not chastise him for misplacing anything. She then inquires as to why she will chastise him. He remembers Arpita reprimanding him. Imlie sobs as she remembers Aryan and then decides she should stop sobbing and talk with the city attorney.

The doctor examines Narmada. Malini informs Arpita that the country girl’s home cure would not be effective. Narmada’s ailment has been totally treated, according to the doctor, by using home remedies. Anu claims that Malini is handling both business and housekeeping, which only a daughter or daughter-in-law can do. Neela and Preeta get uncomfortable and remark Malini is like Aryan’s sister. Anu claims they make good jokes. Malini claims she is just a business associate and departs with Anu.

Aryan summons Sundar and steps aside. Imlie steps in and asks Cheeni why she brought a city guy home. Cheeni compares himself like a coconut, hard on the exterior and soft on the inside. Imlie questions her faith in him. Cheeni says yes and goes to contact him, only to find him gone. She gives Imlie half a laddu and quips that she saw on TV that sharing food improves love, therefore Imlie will now fall in love with a city guy. Imlie chastises her, and she flees giggling.

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