Imlie 29th July 2022 Written Update Episode

Aryan Reaches Imlie’s House

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Imlie Written Update

Cheeni declares to the locals that she and Imlie would enter the shrine at whatever price. Imlie is told by a villager that her daughter talks more than she does, and that if she can’t stop their age-old habits, what would her small daughter do? He instructs the other villagers to kick them out. Imlie claims that they will leave. Cheeni inquires as to what she is saying.

Imlie claims God lives in her heart and encourages the people to return to their work since she will not visit the temple. Cheeni becomes depressed. Cheeni, on the other hand, may enter the temple and pray to her closest friend/god and get prasad, according to Imlie. Cheeni enters the temple after saying she would beg her closest friend to allow Imlie to see her one day.

The editor of the local newspaper phones Imlie and notifies her that someone from the city has arrived and is threatening to shut down and destroy the publication. Imlie says she’ll be there and that she doesn’t believe she can support truth for herself, but she can support truth for her responsibility and will see who wants to shut down her newspaper.

She brings Cheeni home and requests that she not leave the house. Cheeni goes out, remembering she neglected to receive prasad from the shrine. Imlie’s footwear breaks outside the news paper office, and she rushes to repair it. Aryan becomes upset and says that anybody who cannot respect time cannot be a decent journalist; he will discover this journalist personally since there would not be many journalists in Pagdandiya. He goes out, completely unaware that Imlie is seated nearby.

Cheeni collects prasad from the shrine and considers sharing it with Imlie. She phones Aryan when she spots him getting into his vehicle. Aryan approaches her and asks what she is doing here, as well as her mother’s phone number, in order to come and take her back home. Cheeni is afraid Imlie would chastise her and requests that he not contact his mother. She claims to know everyone in the area and that she is not lost. She gives him prasad.

He accepts it and asks whether she knows anybody in Pagdandiya; if so, she must know a news paper writer. Cheeni claims to know her and plans to meet her. He walks her to her residence. Imlie enters the office, where the editor tells him that the guy has already departed and that Bhaskar Times has suffered significant losses as a result of Imlie’s piece. Imlie believes the Bhaskar Times should not suffer any losses as a result of her actions.

Anu throws a cat party at Rathore House. Narmada questions Arpita about why a kitty party is being held at their home while Aryan is not there. Anu claims she organised a cat party here to make them feel calm, as Malini said they were, and to relieve Aryan’s strain. Guest believes Aryan is fortunate to have Malini as his wife. Anu believes Malini would soon become Aryan’s wife, and she asked Narmada to consider this. Arpita informs the visitor that Malini is Aryan’s business colleague, not his wife.

Anu believes they look so good together that anybody might be mistaken. She answers Malini’s phone, steps aside, and claims they were just talking about her. Malini reminds her to do her assignment first. Anu puts a medication into juice and forces it on Narmada. Narmada thanks her and takes a sip of her drink. Anu steps back and notifies Malini that her duty has been completed.

Aryan takes a stroll with Cheeni. Cheeni inquires whether he is a journalist. He claims to be a businessman who suffered damages as a result of the reporting. Cheeni wonders whether he came to fight the reporter rather than reward her. Aryan offers to bring her chocolate and toys. She convinces him to accompany her to the reporter’s home, blindfolds him, and drives him there. Imlie’s coworker tells Cheeni that he saw her with a wealthy guy. Imlie wonders whether Cheeni met the Bhaskar Times lawyer who came to see her. She runs out to look for them and discovers Aryan’s watch on the road.

Cheeni transports Aryan to Imlie’s home and binds his hands to a cot. Aryhan inquires as to why she tied his wrists. She remembers dad assaulting Girish and saying he uses his hands a lot, and she speaks about a kid at school who bullies her and how she handles him with a pinch. Narmada’s health deteriorates after drinking poisoned juice. Anu calls Malini and informs her that it is time for her to arrive. Malini believes Aryan must leave Pagdandiya and come home immediately.

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