Imlie 28th July 2022 Written Update Episode

Aryan And Imlie Miss Seeing Each Other

Star Plus Serial Imlie 28th July 2022 Written Update Episode on

Imlie Written Update

Imlie tells Cheeni that her hero did her a great service by rescuing her, and she wants to thank him. Cheeni brings her to meet Aryan. Aryan becomes sad as he remembers Imlie, takes Imlie’s anklet from his wallet, and remembers their nok jhok when she discovers her anklet in his wallet.

They both express their affections for one another and become passionate. The song “Kesariya tera ishq hai piya” is playing in the background. She says he may retain her anklet as a remembrance for her, and she will keep his performed kerchief as a remember for him when he is not around. They are both closely hugging each other.

Aryan ponders why he has the impression Imlie is around. Imlie approaches the door and senses Aryan’s presence. Aryan answers the door and immediately receives a phone call from Malini. Imlie, who is also conversing with the inspector, fails to see him. Aryan questions Malini about why she calls him three times in one day although she hasn’t called him in five years.

Malini claims that there is an issue at Bhaskar Times. Aryan claims she can manage it on her alone, but he solves his issues forever. Cheeni tells Imlie that he is her hero and that he saved her life. Imlie requests that she not interrupt him while he is on the phone. Aryan enters the room. Imlie enters the room and, not finding him, asks Cheeni where her hero is. Cheeni claims he arrives and departs with his request.

Imlie wonders whether she is recalling Aryan so vividly today because she received a call from Bhaskar, and she knows Aryan would never support wrong. Cheeni inquires as to what she is thinking. Imlie says she is worrying about Cheeni’s safety and that if she can’t thank hero ji, she would thank Seeta maiya. When Aryan ignores Malini, she becomes enraged. Anu suggests that she marry Aryan in order to get Aryan’s attention. Malini claims that there are numerous methods to entice a guy, and that if she can fall low to separate herself from her kid in order to divide Aryan and Imlie, she can go to any length to entice Aryan back.

Narmada becomes anxious after hearing about the demonstration outside the Bhaskar Times headquarters. Arpita believes there will be good news soon since Aryan has gone to Pagdandiya and may meet Imlie there. Narmada hopes so, and Matarani prays. When Imlie goes to Pagdandiya with Cheeni, she visits Seeta maiya’s temple and recounts the incident, and the villagers ridicule her and refuse to allow her into the shrine.

Cheeni inquires as to whether she has had another flashback and why she is hesitant to meet with her pal. She takes her hand in hers and says, “Let us go in.” Villagers again stop her and tell her not to enter the shrine. Cheeni threatens them that if they threaten Imlie, she would pinch them. Villager becomes enraged and throws Imlie to the ground.

Aryan arrives to the news paper’s headquarters and confronts the editor who dared to mistreat with him over the phone. The editor attempts to explain that it was a tiny girl, but Aryan ignores him and asks who the reporter who reported against Bhaskar Times is. Binni’s story is real, according to the editor, and he would not divulge the name of his independent reporter. Villagers attempt to kick Imlie and Cheeni out of the shrine. Cheeni begins her jokergiri and dares herself to enter the temple at whatever cost this time.

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