Imlie 27th May 2022 Written Update Episode

Imlie 27th May 2022 Written Update. Star Plus Serial Imlie 27 May 2022 Written Episode on

Amli becomes emotional while remembering the passion of Narmada, Aryan and Arpita for her child. She thinks that Aryan is working hard to make her happy and to keep her family happy, so she should not be sad and waste her hard work.

She keeps the children’s clothes in the closet and tries to concentrate on her work. Narmada walks up to him and says that she should go with him to a baba who treats women’s infertility with a superstitious ritual. Amli says that she does not believe in Jharphuk Babas because they are fake.

Narmada tells him to admit that there is something wrong with him and that he should do so at least for the sake of the family lineage. Tamarind agrees. Aryan entered and asked where are you going? Amli lies that Narmada is taking her to a baba who sings good hymns. Aryan told him to finish his work first.

At Baba’s place, Baba announced to meet him and experience the miracle. Neela shows Narmada to pregnant women and says that Baba had given them all the rites of conception. Narmada says she needs only one heir for her family.

Neela took him to the ashram. Amli heard Baba’s assistants demanding huge sums of money for private worship and realized that he was a greedy man. She thinks she wants to hit Baba with her elbow, but is helpless. Narmada greeted Baba.

Baba looks at Amli and asks Narmada where he got this sinful daughter-in-law who has committed many sins in her previous life and therefore she cannot get pregnant. Narmada begs her to come up with a solution as she can pay any amount for her grandson. Baba says that Amli has to sacrifice for the child. Narmada says she will do it and asks Amli if she will do it.

Amalie asked him what he should do. He says that if he needs his own blood, he needs to cut off his hand and drop 100 drops of blood into a vessel. Amli was shocked to hear this and refused to do so. She tells Narmada that Baba is fake and is acting.

Baba shouts that he is not fake. Neela yells at Amli that she is very proud and selfish only cares about herself, that is why she is infertile. Tamarind leaves while Narmada tries to stop her. Neela persuades Narmada to separate Amli from Aryan if Amli doesn’t want to have children by performing rituals and marries Aryan’s doll instead.

Tamarind is sitting on the chair and crying. A girl comes to him. Tamarind is happy and plays with the girl, but the girl’s mother takes the girl away from her, saying that she will not allow her daughter to be affected by any sinner.

Tamarind asks why they judge a woman on the basis of her motherhood when a woman succeeds in many other things in life. She advises them not to believe in superstitions and fake Baba. She says she became pregnant because of self-confidence rather than superstitious rituals, so she should not waste her life in this trap.

Narmada warns her to keep quiet as she cannot respect her MIL request. She orders him to leave Aryan. If she cannot perform the ritual, she will marry Aryan’s doll and get her legal heir. Neela says that when Amli can marry Aryan for the second time to fulfill her needs then why she doesn’t leave Aryan.

Narmada says that Amli had problems in her marriage, so she had to divorce her first husband. Neela says that even Aditya left her due to her shortcomings. Amli starts crying when she hears their taunts. Narmada threatens Amli again to either perform the ritual or leave Aryan

Precap: Tamarind is forced to cut off her hand and perform a superstitious ritual. Arin arrives and shouts at everyone.