Imlie 27th July 2022 Written Update Episode

Giriksh dismisses her

Star Plus Serial Imlie 27th July 2022 Written Update Episode on

Imlie Written Update

Cheeni notices Girish wearing a black monkey headgear and refers to him as a coward monkey kid. She keeps humiliating him. He threatens to smack her if she does not stop talking. She claims that everyone who yells is a coward; but, she is unique in that she has a direct link with Seeta Maiya, who will alert Imlie, and Imlie will save her from the coward monkey boy. Giriksh dismisses her.

Cheeni prays that she will not be able to behave bravely for long and that Imlie would come to her rescue soon. Malini receives Girish’s call and hopes that he has arrived in Delhi with the journalist’s daughter. She believes she must coerce a journalist into publicly apologising, and she becomes enraged upon finding that Girish has yet to leave Pagdandiya. She claims that if Aryan meets Imlie, he would fall in love with her again. She resolves to go to Pagdandiya and return Aryan before he meets Imlie.

Cheeni intends to threaten Girish with a knife and then flee. Girish grabs the knife and motions for her to sit still. Cheeni squeezes him. When Aryan arrives, he becomes enraged and attempts to strike her. Girish uses a bottle to assault him. Aryan is holding it in his hand. Girish strikes him. Aryan discovers Cheeni cowering behind a barn and believes Girish has abducted her.

He destroys Girish and saves Cheeni. While enjoying lunch at Rathore House, Narmarda worries about Aryan and hopes he got anything to eat. Sundar claims he departed towards Pagdandiya without having eaten anything. Arpita hopes Aryan and Imlie meet at Pagdandiya. Preeta questions why he would meet Imlie since he hasn’t tried to meet her in 5 years, claiming that there are more gorgeous and unmarried females around him, alluding to herself.

Malini appears and tells Aryan that she is correct; he should leave his anguish behind and go on with a new life partner. Neela reports that seeing Malini made her feel happy. Arpita claims Malini has a tendency of walking in unannounced. Malini says she loves to take care of her loved ones, business partners, and their families, and she came here assuming they were troubled by the Pagdandiya crisis. Narmada asks her to join them for lunch. Malini nods and discreetly tosses something into a plate. Juggu accidentally puts his ball on the plate, breaking it. Malini becomes enraged at Jaggu.

When Girish pushes him and rushes away, Aryan beats him and attempts to see his face. Aryan inquires about Cheen’s well-being. Cheeni requests that Aryan pause his conversations in order to apprehend the kidnapper. Imlie runs into Girish and, not seeing Cheeni with him, hurries out, worried about her, only to discover her in a lodge room. Arpita advises Malini not to be nasty to her kid. Malini plays the emotional game, claiming that she was concerned that the kid may be injured by shattered glass since she is also a mother. She apologises to Jaggu and advises him to be cautious. Sundar consoles Jaggu and dismisses him. Malini believes she misplaced the poison she brought and that she needs create an emergency to get Aryan to return quickly.

Girish calls Malini to tell her that a man has rescued the journalist’s daughter. Malini believes he is Aryan and inquires whether Girish divulged her name. He declines. She urges him to stay away from Aryan or he would be killed. She believes that nothing is going smoothly and wishes that Aryan and Imlie do not meet. Cheeni informs Aryan that the hero’s task is to apprehend the kidnapper. Aryan claims that he is not a hero. Cheeni claims he is a hero since he battled a kidnapper and saved her.

Aryan claims to be her buddy. Cheeni claims that they are not buddies. Aryan remembers Imlie saying the same thing. Cheeni claims they just met and inquires if Seeta maiya sent him. Aryan remembers Imlie praying Seeta maiya and inquires as to who taught her this custom. Cheeni wonders why she should tell him everything about herself first when he should introduce himself first. Aryan introduces himself and recalls Gudiya, Malini’s daughter.

The police arrive. Aryan claims that a male attempted to kidnap this girl. Inspector thanks him for his assistance and informs him that the girl’s mother is desperately looking for her. Aryan tells Cheeni to look after herself and waves her goodbye. Cheeni is taken to Imlie by the police. Imlie emotionally pampers her and inquires about her well-being. She expresses gratitude to the inspector for saving Cheeni. Cheeni believes she owes thanks to a hero who rescued her from a monkey cap guy. Imlie wonders who the hero is. Cheeni explains how the hero battled the abductor and rescued her. Imlie inquires about his name. Cheeni claims he had a difficult time. Imlie expresses gratitude to her hero for saving her. Cheeni drives her to Aryan’s house.

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