Imlie 26th May 2022 Written Update Episode

Imlie 26th May 2022 Written Update. Star Plus Serial Imlie 26 May 2022 Written Episode on

Panditji asked the Rathors to start the ritual of pulling the tamarind swings. Jyoti pulls the rope, the cradle breaks, and the tamarind falls down. Aryan gets upset for Amli and takes her to the hospital.

Jyoti remembered cutting the rope. At the hospital, the doctor treats Amli and tells Arian that Amli fell down and fainted after fainting. Narmada asked if Amli’s child would recover. The doctor said that Tamarind was not pregnant.

Narmada asked if anything had happened to the child from the fall. The doctor says that Amli was never pregnant. Arian says that Amli’s pregnancy test at home came back positive. The doctor says that most of the time home tests can be false positive. He tested the blood of Tamarind and found out that she is not pregnant at all. Narmada says that even these tests can be wrong and asks them to repeat the test. The doctor agrees.

Godiya is happy that she got the chance to get Aryan because Tamarind is not pregnant. Neela praises Jyoti for carrying out her project successfully. Amalie opened her eyes and asked Aryan if her baby Ketchup was OK. Aryan says his health is important.

Tamarind gets upset and asks if her baby is OK. The doctor returned with the reports and informed Narmada that the reports were identical and that Amli’s home pregnancy kit test was false positive, which meant that Amli had never been pregnant.

Amli cried when she heard this. Arian tries to reassure Amli that everything is happening fast. The doctor told Amli that she was infertile and could not become a mother in her lifetime. Tamarind is broken. Aryan hugged her tightly. Neela expresses her fake concern and asks how the family line will go now.

Jyoti throws money at the doctor and congratulates him. She says she knew the universe was with her and so she told him to lie that Tamarind could not get pregnant.

She puts a necklace of money around the doctor’s neck and asks him to write a prescription for contraception. The doctor says he can no longer lie and was feeling bad for Tamarind. Jyoti threatens to kill him and releases a video of him exchanging reports.

Amli’s parents are sad to see their daughter being fed. Aryan reassured him. She cries expressing her pain. Aryan says it’s not over yet. Amli says he stole the joy of being a father from Aryan.

Aryan says he will test again because he is not 100% sure, he knows the path to his goal is not easy and he needs to walk on it, there are many tests and procedures and if anything If that doesn’t work, they can become parents.

Other sources make it clear that the decision was made by Allah. He hugs her again and tears fall on her back. She then consoles him and says that he can easily control his emotions, but today his dream is shattered and he should let his emotions go out, and so on.

Narmada cries in such a way that Aryan can never be a father again. Arpita reassures him and tells him not to say this in front of Aryan and Amli and instead support them. Ann Blue comes in and cries that she can’t see her grandson’s face anymore. Arpita says she can see herself and Sundar’s children.

Neela says that Arpita is a daughter and she does not want to see her and the servant’s children. Arpita says she doesn’t want to hear her old nonsense. Aryan and Amli returned home. Narmada takes Tamarind inside and tells her to rest.

To lighten the mood, Aryan says he will forget about dieting today and will prepare French fries and chalk milk and jellies for softness. He tells Sundar that today men will work in the kitchen and women will be allowed to rest.

Once they leave, Neela incites Narmada against Amli and says that she should serve a Baba who can do magic and cure infertile women. Narmada agrees. After she leaves, Godiya confronts Neela to support Amli and put more obstacles in her life. Neela says that Amli will refuse to do jihad / magic on her and will make Narmada angry.

PreCape: Narmada tells Amli that if she can’t become a mother, leave Aryan and let her marry Aryan to Preeta / Gadya.