Imlie 26th July 2022 Written Update Episode

Meethi runs in to alert them that Cheeni

Star Plus Serial Imlie 26th July 2022 Written Update Episode on

Imlie Written Update

Girish abducts Cheeni and conceals her in school. Imlie meets with the inspector, who tells him that Girish has been given bail with the condition that he not leave Pagdandiya. Imlie claims that he is a danger to all the females in Pagdandia, not just Binni. Meethi runs in to alert them that Cheeni has gone away. Cheeni is sceptical that Girish abducted her. Inspector says he will set a barricade and will not allow Girish to remove Cheeni.

Imlie is concerned about Cheeni. Girish transports Cheeni in a bag. Anu questions Malini about why Girish would assist her. Malini claims he would blackmail the journalist and compel her to amend her testimony in order to show his innocence, save Bhaskar Times while destroying Pagdandiya’s reputation. Anu asks Aryan whether he would back her up against Imlie. Malini claims that Aryan despises Imlie and would not spend his time on Pagdandiya; he must be sleeping well at home right now. She phones Aryan and is surprised to discover that he is no longer in Delhi. Anu wonders where he went.

Aryan recalls his quarrel with Imlie as he travels to Pagdandiya. The song Channi Karde Seena Mera…. is playing in the background. Imlie looks for Cheeni. Girish struggles to carry Cheeni in a bag and becomes concerned when he sees a police barrier.

He observes Aryan’s automobile and asks for a ride. Aryan concurs and observes him storing a suitcase in the backseat. Imlie sprints along the road in pursuit of Cheeni. Without spotting her, Aryan’s automobile drives past, spraying dirt on her. Imlie also ignores him and yells if he is blind. She remembers their first encounter. The song Bahut Aayi Gaayi Yaadein is playing in the background.

Imlie approaches the barricade and asks the police officer whether he has Cheeni’s details. Not yet, he says. Imlie then overhears locals talking how Imlie, as a lonely mother, cannot care for her kid and that her boasting about female strength is a hoax. Imlie lashes them with his tongue, gets bored of walking, spots a scooter, and drives back towards Pagdandiya behind Aryan’s automobile. Girish agrees to let Aryan retain his bag in the dickie. Girish says he wants to keep an eye on the bag since it contains critical information. Aryan wonders whether he’s hot with the monkey hat on. Girish claims to be unwell and requests that he be dropped off at a guest home.

Malini panics when she learns that Aryan is visiting Pagdandiya and declares that all her efforts would be futile if Imlie sees Aryan in Pagdandia. Anu tells her to calm down and that she can bring Aryan back before he meets Imlie. Aryan, according to Malini, will not return for her. Anu wonders whether he would return if there is a medical emergency at his residence.

Girish is dropped off to a lodge by Aryan. Girish inquires about the safety of this hostel. According to Aryan, this is the greatest location to stay in Pagdandiya. Girish remarks that he seems to be familiar with the area. Aryan remembers his time with Imlie at the lodge and requests that Girish exit his vehicle. Girish apologises and exits the automobile, stating that he is quite exhausted.

Imlie goes home and tears her heart out in front of Meethi, saying she failed as a mother to care for Cheeni. Meethi also sobs, saying that Imlie became Cheeni’s mother when she took her home, and she raised Cheeni well, therefore Girish should be terrified of Cheeni if he has taken her. She instructs her to take a deep breath and consider where Girish must have taken Cheeni if he has not left Pagdandiya. Imile says lodge and drives there. Girish takes Cheeni from the bag.

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