Imlie 25th July 2022 Written Update Episode

Malini overhears him and decides to let the people

Imlie 25th July 2022 Written Update. Star Plus Serial Imlie 25 July 2022 Written Episode on

Imlie Written Update

Imlie interviews Binni, who thanks Imlie for sparing her from forced marriage and for putting a stop to the Pagdandiya tradition of forced marriage. She claims that a city newspaper wrote false information about her trapping a city guy, but the fact is that he emotionally abused her and wanted a physical connection with her. Viewers of news channels criticise Bhaskar Times for inaccurate reporting. Malini’s employee informs his colleague that he advised Madam not to submit a false complaint, but she ignored him.

Malini overhears him and decides to let the people do as they like. Protesters gather outside the Bhaskar Times headquarters. Malini seeks assistance from Aryan. When Aryan arrives at the workplace, he scolds Malini for publishing the incorrect news. Malini claims the local girl is lying via emotional drama.

Aryan instructs his aide to contact the editor of the news channel. He remembers Imlie as he sees Binni repeat Imlie’s impassioned comments. Malini claims the girl is brainwashing everyone against their news channel emotionally. Aryan is connected to the news channel editor through an assistant. Aryan threatens him with waking a sleeping tiger that only knows how to strike and asks if he believes he can damage his newspaper’s image with a misguided manipulative film.

The editor is terrified. Imlie approaches the editor and inquires as to who is scaring him. According to the editor of a local newspaper. Imlie picks up the phone to call the boss/Aryan but Cheeni grabs it from her and makes jokes and misbehaves with him, aggravating him. Imlie and the editor appreciate her conversation. Imlie is praised by the editor for raising Cheeni in such a daring manner. Imlie remembers Aryan arguing with her and ending their relationship.

Aryan inquires of the staff who authored the report. Malini remembers ordering the employee to publish the report and claims it was not the employee’s fault since the village girl duped everyone with a false narrative. Instead, she promotes the employee and encourages him to keep up the excellent job. Imlie lavishes Cheeni with attention for misbehaving with the news paper CEO and urges her to return to school.

Cheeni drops the newspaper and inquires as to what it is. The editor claims that it is a competing news paper owned by a large publishing business, and the owner is furious because he must have suffered tremendous losses. Cheeni reads the newspaper The Bhaskar Times. Imlie is taken aback upon hearing Bhaskar Times and declares that it cannot sustain losses. Cheeni believes that an arrogant boss cannot defeat lady strength.

Bhaskar Times board members blame Aryan for the company’s massive losses and falling stock prices. Aryan pays them, dissolves their partnership, and asks them to leave. Malini blames the difficulties on a rural girl and thinks the people should be punished. Aryan has already departed, she notices. She requests that an employee locate the city boy’s police station. Imlie is deep in contemplation as she drives Cheeni to school. Cheeni makes her feel better.

Editor calls and tells her that someone bailed out city guy and wants her to warn Binni to be cautious. No female in Pagdandiya, according to Imlie, is safe until that demon Girish is defeated. Girish kidnaps Cheeni and phones Malini to thank her for her assistance. She claims she expected anything in return. He claims to have abducted the daughter of the cultureless journalist who broke the story. Malini remembers her daughter and urges Girish to depart without being discovered.

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