Imlie 25th August 2022 Written Update Episode

Aryan Refuses To Participate In Janmashtami Celebrations

Star Plus Serial Imlie 25th August 2022 Written Update Episode on

Imlie Written Update

Cheeni uses her slingshot to launch a stone, which causes her to land on Aryan. Start of Aryan and Imlie’s nok jhok. Their nok jhok, in Cheeni’s opinion, will soon develop into love. Aryan claims she tripped over him and is now yelling with him. She queries why he shielded her. Recalling the earlier occurrence, he declares that he won’t let her fall and claims that it is only an old habit that will quickly go. Imlie grabs hold of his collar, ponders why he must constantly be on guard, and remembers the episodes. Aryan unbuckles his collar and tells her to stop trying to rejoice with his family since they both know she won’t be around for long. She claims that she cares about their happiness. He begs her to leave the next day and declares that he will not put up with her staying. Cheeni believes that she won’t let Imlie leave.

Imlie is still working arranging flowers to decorate the home after some time. Sundar says they would cook prasad jointly as he provides the necessary ingredients. After going shopping with Arpita, Narmada, and Jaggu, Cheeni returns. The adorable nok jhok of Cheeni and Jaggu begins with a discussion on creating Bal Gopal’s idol. Everyone grinned. When Cheeni wonders where her parents are, Jaggu asks while holding his parents’ hands. When Aryan passes by, Cheeni grabs his and her hands and introduces them as her Yashoda maa and Nand baba. They would do a family pooja, according to her. Aryan claims to be leaving for some employment. He is told to remain behind by Cheeni, who then begins to sob. She is urged by Imlie to temper her adamance. Aryan claims to be very busy with essential business. Aryan is reprimanded by Narmada and Arpita for making Cheeni weep. Aryan consents to remain behind. Cheei exults.

Malini enters sobbing while carrying a Bal Gopal statue. Narmada inquires as to her whereabouts. Malini claims she has no choice but to live alone, but everytime she looks at them, she has the impression that even she would have had a family if god hadn’t taken her daughter, who would now be Cheeni’s age, back. Narmada should welcome her Bal Gopal, she asks. She is invited to join them in celebrating Janmashtami and to think of Cheeni as her beloved one by Narmada. Imlie believes Malini abandoned Cheeni in a temple and is using her to win Imlie’s sympathy by promising to protect Cheeni from harm. Cheeni constructs the Bal Gopal statue in her own shrine after stealing it from Malini. Malini believes Cheeni intends to bring Imlie and Aryan together, but she will prevent it from happening.

Cheeni informs Imlie that she believes Kanhaiya Ji to be her sibling since both she and Kanhaiya were adopted by Imlie and share a number of other characteristics. When Jaggu enters, he declares that he would play Kanhaiya. Cheeni promises to do so. They begin their nok jhok. Imlie brought clothing for them and says they would both perform Kanhaiya. They express gratitude to her. Neela teases Imlie by telling her that she may adopt a few more needy orphan children like Cheeni and that by just dressing well, Cheeni’s situation won’t change and she will always be sudama.

Hearing that makes Cheeni feel sad. Imlie encourages her and challenges Neela. Neela attempts to smack her violently. Imlie grabs her hand, tells her to leave the home right now, and makes Cheeni apologise. Cheeni and Jaggu give Imlie praise. Imlie requests that they proceed and prepare for the event. Prepare for the fiesta, everyone. When Anu visits them, she informs them that Malini gave them a 22-karat pure gold Bal Gopal idol. Imlie descends. Imlie, claims Narmada, is pure gold.

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