Imlie 24th August 2022 Written Update Episode

Malini Proves Imlie Wrong

Star Plus Serial Imlie 24th August 2022 Written Update Episode on

Imlie Written Update

Imlie is asked whether she has any further proof against the bomber. Imlie claims Malini is the perpetrator since she has another set of earring discovered at the event. Inspector questions Malini about if she fixed the bomb in her own news channel’s microphone and where she was during the bomb detonation. Malini remembers the incident and rambles uncomfortably. Anu enters with a pair of diamond earring and informs Malini that she had forgotten them in her vehicle. She remembers paying the jeweller twice as much for an earring. Malini claims Anu is chastising her for being reckless with her valuables, while Imlie falsely accuses her of bombing. She confronts Imlie about her frequent false accusations. Aryan claims Imlie has evidence for all of Malini’s complaints and urges her to leave it go if he doesn’t want him to disclose the truth to police officers.

Malini claims he has no idea who she is and informs the inspector that she is Bhaskar Times CEO Malini Chaturvedi and that he can contact her personally if he needs any further information. Inspector apologises and departs. Imlie must apologise to Malini. Imlie says she will apologise now, but Malini will be arrested once she obtains evidence. Malini wonders where she gets her confidence; she is mistaken if she believes she can influence Bhaskar Times and re-enter Aryan’s life; her presence is meaningless to anybody. She heads towards her cabin, glad that everyone understands her situation since she sees employees gazing at her. Staff ignore her, praising Imlie for heroically thwarting a bombing attempt at an Independence Day celebration, and returning Aryan to the office. Imlie thanks them and says she would continue her excellent job with their help and Seeta maiya’s blessings.

Aryan notices this and approaches up to her. Malini believes he will silence Imlie. Aryan informs Imlie that Narmada has called them home and leaves the office with her, leaving Malini enraged. Malini goes home and expresses her disappointment at Malini’s victory. Anu interrupts her and tells her she should be grateful that Aryan is unaware of the sums of money they stole from Aryan’s firm. Malini bemoans the fact that everything was OK until Imlie returned.

Narmada compliments Imlie at Rathore House, saying that everything is going well since Imlie’s return. Arpita promises a big celebration of the Janmashtami holiday. Aryan believes that there is no need for all strangers. Sundar claims that his buddy Imlie has returned, and Aryan is unable to stop them from rejoicing. Aryan, according to Naramada, will not, and they will celebrate the event in big style this time. Cheeni has a good time with Jaggu, Arpita, Narmada, and others. Neela frowns when she witnesses Imlie’s control once again.

Aryan reflects on his most recent bout with Imlie. Arpita approaches him and twists his ear. He claims that he is not Jaggu. He is, however, UNB, according to her. He promises to tell Jaggu what PCB stands for. She promises she will and becomes upset, stating she wants Imlie to make her brother joyful and happy again. Aryan asks if she wants to learn to smile from someone who caused him and his family grief and caused him to lose his kid. Imlie states that she, too, is grieving the death of her child, but she has learned to smile for others; she has known him for 32 years and knows that he never becomes joyful for the family, but should now, and so on. She sobs as she embraces him.

Cheeni dials Meethi’s number and tells her about the Janmashtami puja at Rathore Mansion. Meethi tells her to be wary of Kan’s mother in disguise. Cheeni’s discussion is overheard by Neela. Preeta meets Anu and Malini and tells them that the Rathores are planning a Janmashtami celebration for Imlie. She expresses her dissatisfaction with Aryan and Imlie’s constant meddling. Malini claims that all she wants is to beat Imlie this time. Imlie attempts to repair drapes while climbing a stool. Aryan approaches her, thinking that if she falls, Seeta maiya would rescue her. Cheeni uses a caterpillar to toss a stone towards Imlie. Imlie trips and falls on Aryan. They both collapse to the floor.

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