Imlie 23rd May 2022 Written Update Episode

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Jyoti becomes restless thinking about spending last night alone with Aryan and Amli. She asks Aryan if she is OK. He says he is worried about Tamal’s health. She says she is worried about Tamarind, but what will happen to her? She offers him juice. He thanks her and says that it is good to take care of her loved ones. She says yes and asks what happened to Tamarind last night.

He says he has a cold, but he is better than before. He gets upset when he hears tamarind cough. She asks him to give tamarind juice. He looks at her injured hand and asks her a question. Breaking a glass of water in her hand, she remembers being envious of Amli’s proximity to Aryan. He asks her to bandage his wound and leaves. She is happy to think that Aryan will bandage her hand, but she gets angry when Arpita bandages her instead.

Tamarind is watching the stars on the roof. Arian goes to her and says that if she doesn’t rest properly he will complain to his mother. She shows it as a pole star. He says people see the moon and she sees the pole star, it will not go anywhere. He thanks her. He asks her what she has done so well that she is grateful. She says shyly love He sits next to her and asks why she thinks he shouldn’t love her.

She leans on it and says that not only love but love is like a pole star that stays with her. She says that she used to think that love is like the moon, but it disappears on the moon. Aryan became a pool star of his life who held his hand and showed him the way to success. He says thank you for how much you love him and promises that he will never leave her again. He hugs her tightly and prays to Sita Maya to protect her love.

The next morning, Tamarind prepares dishes in the kitchen, singing in her usual manner. The servants argued that she was preparing it for Aryan. Aryan tries to enter the kitchen. The servant stops him and says Amli’s order. He dismisses the servants. She asks the servant to bring a spoon and almonds. Arian helps her and kisses her from behind. She is embarrassed and then jokes that Sundar is coming.

He panics and leaves. She laughs and says there is nothing wrong with kissing his wife and asks how he will feel when he has children in the future. He panics and leaves. Jyoti is jealous of their romance and thinks that she will not allow the negative tamarind to come close to Aryan again.

She goes to the tamarind while chopping vegetables and falls on it. Tamarind gets cut and starts bleeding. Jyoti apologizes and asks if she has been hurt too much. Amli says she is accustomed to minor injuries. Jyoti says that injuries affect not only the body but also the mind and when loved ones are hurt, it feels very bad. Tamarind is confused. Jyoti tells him not to take her words for granted.

Tamarind says OK. Jyoti says that she strengthens the relationship between Amali and Aryan every day and congratulates him, then she says that one should get love and if not get it should be taken away. Tamarind asked what? Jyoti says that his book says this. Amli says that she believes that love is a blessing of Sita Maya and it should be obtained through prayers and not by force. She goes to one side to have something. Jyoti mixes something in the pots and thinks that she will see how Tamarind will get someone’s blessing.

At the dinner table, Neela tries to provoke Narmada against Amli and says that she would find a better girl for Aryan who would serve Narmada better. Narmada says that Amli is doing her best. Neela says that Amli knows that Narmada needs timely medicine. Godiya brings food from outside for Narmada and serves it. Neela praised Godiya. It starts eating soft food.

Tamarind brings her food and asks if she has started eating. Arian joins them and tells Narmada to prepare food according to her taste. Amli says okay and offers medicine to Narmada. Aryan told Amli to taste his food first. Tamarind takes a bite and feels uncomfortable. Everyone gets worried about it while Jyoti gets angry when she sees her plan failing.

Precap: Imlie checked the pregnancy kit and found it positive. The family is happy to hear this while Jyoti and Godiya are jealous.