Imlie 23rd August 2022 Written Update Episode

A Trouble Awaiting For Malini?

Star Plus Serial Imlie 23rd August 2022 Written Update Episode on

Imlie Written Update

Imlie discovers Malini’s earring and suspects that a lady who mentioned a bomb is involved in the murder. Anu observes Malini’s one earring is gone and wonders what would happen if the cops locate it. Malini promises to toss the second earring as well. Rathores see them and inquire about Anu’s purpose for being here. Anu claims she contacted Malini after hearing about the explosives and arrived before others panicked.

Arpita scolds them for not caring about the Rathore family and their children and instead fleeing selfishly to preserve their own life. Sundar agrees with her and claims that few individuals are irrational and self-centered. Malini becomes enraged and her earring slips from her hand as she attempts to approach them. Cheeni inquires as to why she was clutching her earring in her palm.

Imlie hands over an earring to a police officer and tells him that it belongs to a lady who put a bomb at the festival. Cheeni addresses Malini as Khali Mali and inquires about her second earring. Malini becomes tense. Arpita approves of Cheeni’s behaviour and requests that Malini find a solution for junior reporter Cheeni. A guard approaches Aryan and tells him that Imlie has obtained proof that would assist them in apprehending the bomber.

Aryan requests that Sundar take his family home since he will accompany Imlie. Malini panics, believing she will be apprehended, and flees. Aryan sees the inspector, who compliments him and Imlie for their courage and remarks that he is surprised to see the Bhaskar Times crew here since they normally only go where the film star and heroine are. According to Imlie, the Bhaskar Times reaches wherever the truth is. Inspector praises Imlie once again for her bravery and departs.

Aryan expresses gratitude to Imlie for rescuing his family. Imlie praises him for rescuing Cheeni and wonders how he would respond when he learns Cheen is his little miss and her Gudiya. She remembers their final argument after they lost their kid. Cheeni, according to Aryan, is also his darling Miss Sugar. Imlie considers Bhaskar Times to be a close friend. Aryan replies she will take care of it. Imlie says she won’t be able to stay forever. Aryan accepts to go to work.

Anu has a nightmare about grinding atta on a chakki in prison and Imlie visiting her and forcing her to work quickly while calling her a lousy servant. Anu becomes enraged and demands that she get her out of prison. Imlie believes she will in 20-30 years and often refers to herself as her pitiful servant. Anu mumbles in her sleep that she is not a servant. Malini jolts her awake. Anu recounts her nightmare. Malini assures her that she would get a fresh income from the goldsmith. She receives a call from Aryan, who tells her to be ready since Imlie has received evidence. Hearing that, Malini and Anu get tense. Aryan says the Bhaskar Times team has to uncover the perpetrator using the proof Imlie obtained, so she should get dressed and head to the workplace since she knows the staff well. Malini relaxes and explains that because she knows the staff well, she should handle it herself rather than having Aryan come there. Aryan tells her not to teach him how to do anything. Anu declines Malini’s invitation. Malini claims she can’t hide and must travel to conceal the evidence.

Aryan and Imlie arrive to work. Malini rises over them and addresses the staff. Employees speculated that Aryan had returned to the workplace after a long absence. Imlie interrupts Malini’s presentation to the employees and says, “Let the boss speak.” Aryan presents himself as the CEO of Bhaskar Times and the only proprietor of Rathore Group Of Industries. He claims that someone violated their country’s dignity by attempting to destroy the national flag, that Imlie has proof against the bomber, and that they should all work together to capture the offender. Tema believes in him. Imlie’s boss commends him for inviting Aryan to attend the office. Imlie describes Aryan as a tiger who has just returned to work.

Malini believes Imlie may undo her five years of hard work; if Aryan returns, he will discover her money schemes, and she will be imprisoned for both bomb plot and fraud. Her earring comes off as she slides on a table. Imlie selects it and inquires as to whether she is the one who placed innocent people and Cheen in peril by placing a bomb. Aryan inquires as to what she means. Imlie displays her recovered earring photo and compares it to Malini’s, claiming it proves Malini is the perpetrator. Inspector arrives and asks Imlie whether she discovered any further proof. Imlie believes Malini is the perpetrator since she owns a pair.

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