Imlie 20th October 2022 Written Update

Imlie Written Episode

Star Plus Serial Imlie 20th October 2022 Written Update on

Imlie 20 October 2022

Imlie notices rose water in the mehandi and remarks that Devika seemed to like rose aroma a lot. Sundar claims that Chini combined rose water with her mehandi. Atharva makes love while pinning Chini to a wall. According to Chini, if he persists in doing so for a while, someone will observe them, and after that, his father will ask them. As she speaks, Atharva draws a curtain rope. The music system is damaged as the curtain collapses on them and everyone below. Ginni spills a bowl of shagun mehandi. Seeing it, Arpita becomes agitated. Chini is informed by Atharva that her sister is having mehandi done downstairs. Chini asserts that she alone has ownership of Atharva’s mehandi. Because he doesn’t want to keep Imlie, who is innocent, in the dark, Atharva asks when she will tell Imlie and everyone else the truth. Chini asks him to give her some time since she doesn’t want to be kicked out of the home by her family. Atharva concurs.

I’ll receive another mehandi dish, according to Arpita. Narmada inquires as to everyone’s well-being, noting that a fallen mehandi is an abshagun. What sort of mehandi event is this, asks Anu, without entertainment and mehandi? Imlie claims that mehandi can be prepared once again, so while we wait, let’s dance and have fun. On the song Laungda Gawacha, she dances. Imlie’s versatility impresses Rudra, who remarks that everywhere this girl walks, happiness is diffused. Nobody can now separate them, Chini writes her name on Atharva’s hand, saying that since she has entered the lines on his palm. Imlie goes in pursuit of Atharva. When Chini departs, she warns that if anybody sees them, she will go into trouble.

Imlie is asked to come see him tonight by Atharva, who is holding her hand and mistaking her for Chini behind a curtain. Imlie becomes anxious. Atharva draws her towards him and inquires as to why she is so anxious to talk to him. He is astonished to discover Imlie there in place of her. Holding hands, they both tumble to the earth. Imlie’s hand is covered with Atharva’s mehandi. They are seen by Arpita and others. As Imlie stands up, Atharva asks whether she’s okay. Imlie is doing well with Atharva, according to Arpita, and she is quite fortunate that Atharva gave her mehandi. Chini is resentful when she sees that Imlie has once again spoiled her, Mehandi. Atharva adjourns.

Imlie needs to go see Atharva at his home since she believes this is the first time he has made a request. Sundar is informed about Atharva’s challenge to visit his home tonight. Sundar yanks her legs before deciding to assist. Chini receives a call from Atharva asking whether she is prepared to fulfil her challenge of going to his home tonight. According to Chini, guys frequently take a chance and meet females. Chini should take on this task, thinks Atharva, since she often claims that she is unique. In order to prevent Atharva from leaving the home to see Chini, Keya and Akash lock his room from the outside at night. Imlie arrives to Rana’s home anxiously and prays that Rudra won’t misinterpret her. She gestures to Atharva from the window of his room after seeing him. In order to exit the chamber, Atharva creates a rope out of bedsheets and drops it. Imlie believes he tossed it for her and uses the rope to ascend.

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