Imlie 20th August 2022 Written Update Episode

Imlie arrives to the arena but is stopped by the metal defector

Star Plus Serial Imlie 20th August 2022 Written Update Episode on

Imlie Written Update

Malini phones the location where Imlie would cover her story on Independence Day and warns her that a reporter from a reputable media firm is carrying a bomb in her microphone. The event organiser inquires about her identity. She sends her best wishes and then hangs up the phone. Imlie looks at the microphone and believes Bhaskar symbolises sun, and she will restore her newspaper to its former brilliance. Aryan and his family go to the same location to commemorate Independence Day.

Imlie arrives to the arena but is stopped by the metal defector. Officers stop her and inquire as to what she is carrying in her luggage. Imlie claims to be a Bhaskar Times reporter who has come to cover the incident. Officers discover a toy in her purse. Imlie claims it’s a toy for her daughter. Officers apologise and agree to spare her. Imlie talks with a guard who inquires as to why she has not been reporting for a long time. She vows to be more consistent from now on.

Malini phones her assistant Rohith and inquires if Imlie has been apprehended. Aide tells her that Imlie was apprehended, but guards discovered a toy in her luggage and released her. Malini inquires as to whether the microphone is still in Imlie’s bag. Yes, says Aide. Malini summons her maid and requests that she make a feast for her and Anu on this auspicious day. Maid tells her that Anu has gone to Pakrutri maidan to join in independence day celebration. Malini panics, believing Imlie has attended the same event, and hurries to the venue to get Anu out.

Aryan arrives to the event with his family. Imlie’s presence makes the family happy. Aryan wonders what is Imlie doing here. Arpita expresses her intention to cover the event today. Cheeni attempts to meet Imlie, but Aryan prevents her. She states that she is thirsty. Jaggu hands her a water bottle and urges her not to drink from it. Cheeni deliberately touches her lips and consumes the whole water bottle. Imlie’s fans laugh at her lack of culture. Cheeni need extra water. Arpita hands her a bottle of water. Cheeni finishes everything and requests more water. Narmada then gives her a water bottle. Cheeni purposely spills water over her clothing and requests that Aryan bring her more water. Aryan goes to get her some water. Cheeni is overjoyed to see Imlie at the water koisk and takes everyone to the first row.

Cheeni forces everyone to sit in the front row. Anu arrives late and frowns when she notices Rathore is already seated in the front row. Aryan and Imlie accidentally collide. Aryan expresses his regret. During a street battle, she discovers his wounded face and expresses sympathy. He requests that she not bother. Imlie argues with her that the public expects them to band together, but this is not the case. Aryan claims to have left and will not return. Imlie claims he put his words, Bhaskar Times, company, and time on credit. Their argument follows. They split up.

Cheeni and Jaggu are ecstatic to witness Minsiter’s entrance. They converse with the minister, who invites them to raise the flag with him. Arpita expresses gratitude to Minister. Rajjo from the Udti Ka Naam Rajjo serial arrives at the venue to advertise her show. She runs while treading on the dirt. Dirt spills across Anu’s sari. Anu becomes enraged with her. Imlie, who is watching from a distance, believes Anu is needlessly expressing her wrath on some unfortunate lady. Rajjo also teaches Anu how to wash her sari morally. Anu urges her not to touch her 1.5 lakh rupee sari. Rajjo claims she was duped since she received an identical sari with top and petticoat for free for 200 rupees. Anu claims that uncultured and uneducated people have no concept of class. Imlie intervenes, stating that she is uneducated but not illiterate. She videotapes Anu and threatens to post it. Anu departs. Rajjo chats with Imlie while promoting her show.

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