Imlie 1st June 2022 Written Update Episode

A Shocker For Aryan

Imlie 1st June 2022 Written Update. Star Plus Serial Imlie 1 June 2022 Written Episode on

Imlie makes an attempt to awaken from her hospital bed. The nurse tells her not to worry since her husband and kid are well. Because Imlie claims she doesn’t know her husband, he must be concerned for her safety. Aryan approaches her, hugging her and asking whether their lives can ever be normal again, remembering the fire disaster.

She claims that if they are together, they can overcome any obstacle. He inquires as to how she can be so self-assured in her life and tells her that she has received a promotion and is now a Bhaskar Times Executive reporter. Imlie is overjoyed, claiming that he, too, has received a promotion.

Aryan claims that if he becomes anything more than the CEO of his firm, he will become god. She cries when she announces that he has received a promotion and that he will soon become a parent. He is taken aback by this and inquires whether it is real. Imlie claims Sundar and Arpita brought her to three to four physicians, all of whom verified her pregnancy. He gives her a heartfelt embrace.

Aryan is told by the nurse that he needs to relax and should go back to his bed. Aryan claims that he is OK and that one bed is plenty for him, his wife, and their kid. Imlie drags him to his bed with a vengeance. With his papers in hand, the doctor approaches Aryan and tells him that he has a problem with his fertility report; his sperm count is very low, and hence he is unable to become a parent.

Aryan is taken aback by this news and wonders how it’s possible considering Imlie just told him he’ll be a parent soon. Imlie shows her unborn child images of Meethi and Narmada and tells her that they would adore her/him, that Arpita will adore him/her, and that Aryan will be disciplined throughout his life. She claims that his/her baba would lose his/her stubbornness once he/she arrives, and so forth.

Hearing about Imlie’s pregnancy makes Jyoti nervous, but she believes it’s wonderful that she still has Imlie’s trust; she has no animosity against Imlie, but she simply wants Imlie and her baby to remain away from Aryan. Aryan ignores her as he walks past. He gets a call from her.

Doctor inquires whether she is from Rahtore’s family and explains that there was some misunderstanding since Aryan’s infertility was switched, but he is not infertile. That, Jyoti believes, is why Aryan was unhappy. She rejoices, believing that the Universe is on her side; she will not waste this opportunity and will exclude Imlie from Aryan’s life.

Sundar knocks into Arpita at home. They’re both concealing present boxes. Narmada inquires as to what is going on. Arpita claims that their surprise has been exposed. Aryan enters and demands that they stop, yelling furiously at Imlie that she doesn’t deserve anything and that she will receive what she deserves today.

He pulls her towards door 3 and tells her that he made a mistake by misinterpreting his love and that his true love is now standing in front of him, staring at Imlie. Jyoti is overjoyed until she discovers it was all in her head.

Aryan confronts Imlie for spoiling the surprise and presents her with a gift package. Imlie claims that she purchased a present for him and kept it with Sundar. Arpita quips that Aryan will now have to wear diapers. Imlie claims he’ll figure out how to change a diaper. Aryan complains to Narmada and requests that he change the diapers right now. Narmada replies he should and grins. Sundar claims that whether the kid is a girl or a boy, it will always come to him.

Aryan takes a step back and calls the lab, requesting that results be sent to his home. Jyoti sees an opening and tells him she received his infertility report, attempting to bait him into accusing Imlie of cheating on him. Aryan claims that these stories are false, and that he has sent a sample to a private lab and is awaiting the results.

Jyoti wonders how Aryan is so bright and tells him to relax and consider becoming a parent. She checks the lab name on his phone instead of providing him parenting ideas. She then believes she understands what she should do next.

Narmada gets reports and is ready to review them when the servant summons her to check the meal. Jyoti exchanges the reports quietly. Aryan approaches her. She softly swallows the original report. Aryan inquires whether she has seen his reports.

Narmada was checking it, she claims, and she was attempting to stop her since she had no idea what was in the reports. Aryan looks through the report and throws it away in disbelief. Jyoti becomes worried and inquires as to what has occurred. Aryan declines to be a parent and walks away. Jyoti believes Aryan can only be hers, not Imlie’s.

Arpita says she’ll throw Imlie a baby shower. Narmada fights with her, saying goad bharai. Both, according to Sundar, are the same. Jyoti brings them sweets. Madhav enters, congratulating Imlie, and informs her that he has ordered Pagdandiya’s special laddu to hear about her pregnancy.

Imlie is overjoyed and shares her laddu with Arpita. Madhav gets yelled at by Nila, who wonders why he is displaying his delight needlessly while Imlie has her in-laws to do so. Madhav is from Pagdandiya, according to Imlie, and he would undoubtedly be happy for her. Imlie devises a strategy.

Precap: Jyoti incites Aryan to retaliate against Madhav. Aryan approaches Imlie and Aryan, who are both giving laddu to each other.

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