Imlie 1st August 2022 Written Update Episode

Aryan Takes A Stand On Cheeni’s Behalf

Star Plus Serial Imlie 1st August 2022 Written Update Episode on

Imlie Written Update

Cheeni discovers Aryan eating in a dhaba and questions why he didn’t notify her before coming here. He gives her lunch and inquires as to whether the reporter has arrived. Cheeni informs him that a reporter is waiting for him at her home. Aryan inquires whether she is able to come here. Meethi begins complimenting Imlie’s characteristics and claims she learned everything from the reporter.

Aryan inquires as to if the reporter is her mother. Cheeni continues to praise Imlie and claims she is everything to her. Aryan says, “Let’s go meet her right now.” Imlie observes a toy store outside her home and decides to purchase a toy for Cheeni. She goes through her piggybank to purchase a toy.

Malini informs Anu that she has repeatedly conveyed to her that she is not interested in Aryan and still loves Aditya, and that she would marry Aryan to any fool and permanently lock the doors for Imlie, be it Preeta or anybody else. Anu says she’ll consider it later, but how can she prevent Aryan from meeting Imlie in Pagdandiya?

Malini claims that Aryan is still in Pagdandiya because of a child, and that she would get rid of the child before she becomes a hindrance. Imlie smashes her piggybank and counts her money, which she discovers is insufficient to purchase a toy. She begs Seeta Maiya to explain her how she would tell Cheeni that she does not have enough money to feed her or buy her a toy. She is dejected and apologises to Cheeni for not properly caring for her.

Malini contacts a job candidate Rajat and tells him that if he solves her issue in Pagdandiya, he would receive a job at Bhaskar Times. He sends him a picture of Cheeni. Rajat assures her that her task will be completed. Cheeni examines a toy at a toy store. A woman chastises the shopkeeper for allowing Cheeni to play with a toy. Cheeni is yelled at by the shopkeeper not to touch the toys and ruin them. Cheeni responds appropriately to both of them. She then comes upon Seeta maiya’s idol and attempts to touch it. The shopkeeper stops her and advises her not to touch it with her unlucky hands. Imlie requests a raise from her supervisor. If she wants her income, she must deal with Aryan and send him back to the city, according to her boss.

The shopkeeper shoves Cheeni away. Aryan grabs her and asks the owner whether the store is his. Yes, the shopkeeper nods. Aryan selects a toy. Villagers warn him not to touch this toy since it was touched by the unlucky and filthy Cheeni. Aryan reflects on Imlie’s suffering. Aryan inquires about Cheeni’s preferred toy. Seeta maiya, says Cheeni. Cheeni is refused by the shopkeeper. Aryan tongue blasts him and the townspeople for being hypocrites and hands the merchant a money package.

Meethi gives Imlie money and claims that all of her mud toys were sold today. Imlie discovers all of her unsold toys and returns them to her. Cheeni begins to cry. Imlie feels Meethi’s funds should be kept for herself for her hay days. Meethi wonders whether she can get money from her job or find it elsewhere, but not from her mother. She wonders why, since she can transfer money from the city every month, she couldn’t receive it. Imlie bemoans the fact that she is now 25 years old and cannot help Meethi or Cheeni. The shopkeeper becomes selfish and refuses to sell.

Aryan offers him other packs. The shopkeeper claims he has permission to grab all of the toys. Aryan explains the payment is for childhood, not toys, and warns him that if he misbehaves with Meethi or any other youngster, he would be forced to purchase the whole Pagdandiya, even its air. He then gives presents to children and finds Cheeni has already left, wondering whether he can assist Cheeni in any manner. Imlie goes to see the city man/Aryan.

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