Imlie 19th October 2022 Written Update

Imlie Written Episode

Star Plus Serial Imlie 19th October 2022 Written Update on

Imlie 19 October 2022

Anu cross-legs a waiter who falls on Meethi and Imlie because she feels a servant named Meethi should be put in her place. Sundar and Arpita are holding Meethi. Chini grabs Imlie as she is about to collapse and warns her to be cautious. Imlie gives her a hug and calls her a hero for saving her life. Chini is asked why she saved Imlie by Anu, who pulls her away. Chini claims that she would prefer to wed Atharva than kill Imlie. If Imlie is exonerated, according to Chini, she will have a good opportunity to wed Atharva. As Atharva enters, he waves to Chini. Imlie moves timidly between them, approaching Atharva as if he were waving at her. Atharva wonders why Chini hasn’t told her family yet.

Then, Atharva’s family enters. They are greeted by Sundar and Arpita. Chini, according to Devika, is becoming more attractive every day. They are introduced to Meethi by Rupali as Imlie’s grandmother. Atharva is excited to see Chini, and Keya sees him glancing at her. Devika requests that Keya bring Imlie some shagun mehandi. Chini believes that because everyone favours Imlie and ignores her, she will take it upon herself to arrange a meeting with Atharva. Atharva is asked by Rupali to sit next to Imlie at the mehandi ritual. Atharva discusses love. Everyone becomes pleased and assumes he is referring to Imlie. When Chini enters the kitchen and sees that Imlie’s favourite dish, palak paneer sabji, is being made, she becomes enraged.

Devika advises them to begin the mehandi ritual right away. Imlie longs to waltz. Devika claims she can dance without a doubt since this is her day. Imlie offers a hand to Atharva and adds, “Today is also your day.” Everyone raises a shout for them. According to Sundar, Atharva has always shown Imlie’s hand. Adha Hai Adha Ishq Adha Hojayega is playing as they both dance passionately while gazing into one other’s eyes. Then, family members dance in their vicinity to the song Mehandi Hai Rachne Wali. Sundar is sent by Arpita to fetch mehandi. Rudra begs God to imbue Imlie’s love into Atharva’s heart. Chini makes a spinach paste to replace Imlie’s mehandi since she believes it won’t be tinted by Atharva’s affection. Coming to collect mehandi is Sundar. Chini promises to provide mehandi that has been mixed with rose water. Sundar accepts and walks away.

Chini switches the mehandi bowl for a bowl of spinach paste and laments the impending lack of colour in Imlie’s mehandi. Atharva is aware of it. Shivani instructs her niece Ginni to correctly mehandi Imlie. Atharva pulls Chini away, pins him against a wall, and demands to know why she did it. Chini worries that his father would correct him if someone witnesses her adjusting her mehandi. As she speaks, Atahrva acts sensually. Imlie is teased by the guests that Atharva doesn’t love her if the mehandi hue doesn’t become black. Imlie smells the rose water from the mehandi and stops Ginni before she can apply it to her.

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