Imlie 18th October 2022 Written Update

Imlie Written Episode

Star Plus Serial Imlie 18th October 2022 Written Update on

Imlie Written Update

Since Imlie would be getting married and leaving their home in a week, she requests Sundar and Arpita’s permission to spend some time with Chini. She is making people emotional, according to Arpita. Imlie claims that she is now supported by Atharva and that she feels insecure around her. Arpita claims that she has really fallen in love with Atharva. Others follow Atharva as he excuses himself and heads out. Rupali is made fun of by Chini for failing to have her sent out of the home. When the automobile won’t start, Atharva takes his wrath out on the vehicle. He is prevented from injuring himself by Imlie, who also offers to assist him. After angrily inquiring as to her profession, he retracts his question and apologises. He is asked to exit the vehicle by her. He does. She reads a poem to him while seated in the driver’s seat on the need of patience. Now, she begs him to try. The automobile starts when he tries. He claims it is only a coincidence, not a miracle.

Imlie discusses having hope and the good things in life. He compliments her attitude and inquires about the source of the poem. She believes that she should continue to conceal the fact that she is a poet until only Sundar knows about it. She claims to have read it elsewhere. Given that Chini is a poet, Atharva surmises that she must have read it in her journal. He gets into his vehicle and drives off, promising to drive gently as she advised. She feels timid. Keya informs Akash at the Rana residence that Atharva is gradually losing Rudra’s confidence while Akash is gaining favour with the latter. Akash claims that Rudra would compel Atharva to wed Imlie since he is steadily gaining Rudra’s confidence and doing so. Rudra will soon transfer all of his assets into Akash’s name, according to Keya. She alters her tone when she sees Atharva and wishes he could wed Chini rather than Imlie. She also hopes they may persuade Rudra to agree. As he approaches them, Atharva claims that Rudra will be persuaded by him since he is a warrior. After he departs, Akash declares that after seeing Atharva’s tenacity, he would definitely marry Chini. Keya claims that ungrateful Chini merely wants Atharva’s wealth and would not readily wed him; instead, they will ensure that Atharva marries only Imlie.

Rupali expresses her displeasure with Atharva’s decision to prevent Chini from leaving the town to Arpita. According to Arpita, he did it for Imlie. Sundar claims that Chini and Imlie care about one another and are in love. Even though Rupali says she doesn’t want to separate them, sometimes parents and other adults must make difficult decisions for young people. Sundar assures her that he is aware of the issue and begs her not to worry, as he would manage it all and conduct Imlie’s wedding in a beautiful manner. Anu manipulates Chini against Imlie, telling her that Imlie is stealing her ticket to a luxurious life with Arto despite the fact that Chini has endured injustice since she was a little kid. Chini queries what she should do. Anu advises her to marry Atharva instead of Imlie since the Rathore family simply adores Imlie and considers Chini to be an outsider, which is why they were attempting to expel her from the mandap.

Imlie begins her wedding preparations. Chini’s brainwashing by Anu continues. To get Narmada’s blessings, Imlie strokes her feet. Narmada storms out in rage. Imlie is depressed and wishes her parents were still around. When Meethi enters, she remarks that even if her parents pass away, her grandma will still be around. Imlie and Chini rush to give her a joyful embrace when they see her. In the background, a song called Abhi Mujhme Kahin Baaki Thodi Si Hai Zindagi is playing. Meethi breaks down in tears as she declares her love for them both. Imlie claims that she believed Amma wouldn’t get there before mehandi. Meethi claims she came here to meet damadji/SIL Atharva and is not a mehandi artist. She queries Imlie on her happiness with Atharva. Chini is coy. Chini is asked about Atharva by Meethi. Atharva is very wealthy and sanskari, claims Chini. Atharva would most likely be Meethi’s SIL, but he would also be Chini’s hubby, in her opinion.

Next, Meethi encounters Sundar and Arpita. When Anu thinks back to Meethi as her husband’s mistress, she becomes enraged. Anu is greeted by Meethi, but ignores her since she believes a servant will be put in her place. She crosses her legs as a maid stumbles and hits Meethi. Anu scowls as Meethi pushes Imlie Imlie, who is ready to collapse when someone grabs her hand.

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