Imlie 18th August 2022 Written Update Episode

Imlie requests that Malini and Anu depart Rathore Mansion

Star Plus Serial Imlie 18th August 2022 Written Update Episode on

Imlie Written Update

Narmada tells Imlie that when she left, Arya was utterly broken and stopped visiting Bhaskar Times. Bhaskar Times had gone into losses and was going to be closed down until Malini purchased a 50% interest and has been managing the firm since then. Arpita claims that the situation has deteriorated and that creditors have gone to great lengths to retrieve their funds. She claims she is not revealing this to stop Imlie, but rather to remind her of her commitment to Bhaskar Times and how Aryan is hurting himself after splitting from her. Malini purchases Pagdandiya bus tickets for Imlie and Cheeni, believing that she would not allow Imlie to remain. Narmada informs Imlie that she has lost her DIL and the happiness of the home, and so wishes for Imlie to return. Imlie declines and goes away with her potli/bag and Cheeni.

Malini pulls over to the side of the road and hands her bus tickets as a parting present. Imlie claims that when creditors threaten to murder Bhaskar Times workers, Malini is more concerned with getting her out of here than with resurrecting the firm. Malini tells her to mind her own business and that they would take it from there. Imlie rips up her tickets and says she shouldn’t attend since she needs to handle her own business. Narmada and Arpita are overjoyed to witness this. Imlie informs Malini that her office is like a shrine to her, and she would not remain silent if someone tries to burn it down; she will immediately put a stop to the plot against Bhasksar Times. She reveals her intention to return and begs Narmada if she may remain for a while. Narmada and Arpita joyfully embrace him. Sundar also wants to be hugged.

Neela becomes uncomfortable as she realises she has fallen into her own trap; what will she do now? Preeta claims she will not get Aryan or his fortune and is considering a makeover. Anu informs Malini that Imlie has returned and may reclaim her position in Aryan’s heart. Malini thinks Narmada is making a mistake by attempting to reverse fate’s choice, and she reminds Narmada that she lost her grandchild due to Imlie. Arpita advises her to quit her foolishness and expresses her envy since Imlie and Aryan revealed her lies. Arpita, says Malini. Aryan yells, “Enough!” and drags Imlie away, saying Arpita forgot what Imlie done. Narmada claims he forgot her home was broken 5 years ago as a result of her, and she is still the owner of this property, therefore she will pick who lives there. Aryan informs Imlie that he would always despise her, no matter where she is. Imlie claims that their animosity will always be present. Aryan enters the house angry.

Imlie requests that Malini and Anu depart Rathore Mansion since it is late at night. Who is Anu to order them if they are Rathore’s business partners? Imlie claims to be Rahtore’s DIL and that the sindhoor in her hairline gives her the right to speak, thus business partners should talk business during the day and then go home. Imlie’s fans are overjoyed to hear this. Imlie welcomes the family and closes the door in Malini and Anu’s faces. Malini declares that she would exact retaliation for her workplace insult. Anu claims that the Pagdandiya females are smart and don’t waste time, and Imlie would not spend time in winning Aryan’s heart. Malini says she will not allow this to happen and is willing to make whatever sacrifice, whether it is sacrificing her daughter five years ago or sacrificing Imlie in the future.

Cheeni and Imlie play hide and seek. Imlie looks for her and discovers her anklet in Aryan’s room, where she becomes distraught. Aryan reappears and inquires if she is astonished that he still remembers her. She wonders whether he remembers her, if she recalls… He claims he lost his kid, his peace of mind, and other things as a result of her, and he recalls her with loathing. He attempts to reclaim the anklet. Her tears end up on his hand. Cheeni observes them and wonders why they constantly quarrel. Narmada and Arpita promise her that god will hear her prayers and they will unite, and Aryan does not object when Imlie decides to remain aside, as is their customary bitter nok jhok. Cheeni begs God to bring them back together. Aryan wonders why Imlie returned since she is no longer a person to him.

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