Imlie 17th October 2022 Written Update

Imlie Written Episode

Star Plus Serial Imlie 17th October 2022 Written Update on

Imlie Written Update

Today Imlie Episode Starts With When Chini gets home, he tells Anu that if Atharva marries Chini, his sanskari father would throw him out of the house or Atharva will leave the family on his own. She claims that despite having fantasised about living like a queen with Atharva, who is very wealthy, her future is dismal and she needs Atharva’s fortune rather than his hard-earned cash. Anu advises Chini to keep trapping Arto because when his parents forgive him and welcome him again, Chini will inherit Arto’s home and money. When Rupali overhears their talk, she scolds Anu for deceiving Chini and Chini for having feelings for her sister. According to Chini, Arto loves her more than Imlie. Rupali says she finds it hard to think that Atharva could betray anybody since he would have told Imlie. Whether Chini agrees with her or not, Atharva simply has her best interests in mind. Rupali believes that in order to find a solution, she needs alert Arpita and Sundar of Chini’s wicked intentions.

Devika discovers Rudra’s blood pressure to be low. Keya claims that since Papa Ji is already sick, he would be shocked to learn that Atharva and Chini met and declared their love for one another. Rudra freaks out. He is urged not to worry by Akash, who assures him that he would manage Atharva in the future. Keya claims he can take his medication and relax. Devika claims Akash has changed for the better. Atharva considers Chini’s hookline to be multifaceted as he studies the newspaper cutout of Imlie’s poem Misunderstanding.

He writes the poem’s music. Imlie creates a painting of her and Atharva that references their encounter. Chini intentionally knocks into Ms. Shutlik in the belief that she would not allow her to dream as big and then destroys the moment rather than fixing it. Imlie thinks it’s OK since he would always have Atharva’s name in his heart. Chini claims that while the ink on her canvas is still wet, she wants to permanently tattoo her heart.

Imlie uses terms that cause confusion and believes she will create a better, more beautiful artwork and life. She fixes the artwork. After some time, Atharva runs into Chini and inquires as to whether she told her family about them. Chini replies “no,” citing her concern for Imlie. They should tell Imlie the truth since they can’t keep her in the dark, according to Atharva, who also expresses his desire to publicly declare his love for Chini and wed her in front of everyone.

Everyone’s blessings, according to Chini, are significant to her. If his family doesn’t agree, Atharva threatens to leave his home. The reason he wants to leave the house is because he has a family, but she doesn’t have any parents and is living in the Rathore family’s home under their surname. The Rathore family loves Imlie more than she does and would expel her if they found out about her betrayal, so she needs some time. Let’s tell Imlie their truth first, advises Atharva. Chini believes that with careful preparation, she may soon inherit Arto’s money.

When Chini reaches home, she becomes anxious to see her whole family waiting for her at the door. Imlie passes up her work transfer notice and claims that this wouldn’t have occurred just before her wedding. Chini believes that she was paid to attend despite never having attended her workplace. Rupali recollects telling Sundar and Arpita about Chini’s nefarious scheme. Sundar claims he can obtain Chini’s transfer via someone he knows at the company.

She has to report to her Mumbai office tomorrow, according to Chini. Chini shouldn’t go until her wedding is over, according to Imlie. Even they don’t want Chini to go, according to Rupali, however. Atharva walks in and declares that Chini won’t leave. Chini worries that Atharva would uncover the truth and free her from this residence. Atharva promises to get Chini a job in his friend’s workplace in the same city. Chini should get out and discover, advises Rupali. Chini won’t develop any other way, claims Arpita. According to Atharva, he can’t let Chini go. As far as Chini is aware, Imlie loves Chini dearly.

Imlie asks Atharva whether he would get Chini a job in Delhi while holding Atharva’s hand. Atharva responds affirmatively because he understands how important her sister is to her happiness. Imlie claims that he completely grasped her desire. Sundar advises Chini to depart since she must go in a few days. Imlie advises allowing Chini to see her for at least a few days.

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