Imlie 17th August 2022 Written Update Episode

Aryan claims he is referring about his closest buddy

Star Plus Serial Imlie 17th August 2022 Written Update Episode on

Imlie Written Update

Aryan expresses his displeasure and wonders why Imlie has returned to his life. He takes up Imlie’s anklet and remembers his time with her. Jaggu approaches him and claims he has already seen. Aryan admits that he did as well, recalling Imlie battling for him, defending him, and showing his love for him. Jaggu promises to contact Cheeni, who will calm him down. Aryan claims he is referring about his closest buddy, not Cheeni. Jaggu wonders why he can’t persuade his closest buddy. Aryan claims she will not, and that he will commit suicide this time since his best buddy has instilled hope in him once again. Jaggu claims his mother informed him that real friendship never dies.

Narmada performs Imlie’s aarti and says she used to call Imlie light, but Imlie abandoned her in the dark, but light has returned and there will be no more darkness. Imlie claims she came to get Cheeni but has not returned. Malini approaches them, cheering, and says that if Imlie hadn’t wanted to return, she would have sent someone or begged Aryan to send Cheeeni; Imlie ran out of money and returned out of greed. Arpita cautions Malini to watch her tongue. Sundar claims to have faith in Imlie. Malini asks Sundar whether he would enlighten her about her sister, which she is aware of. Imlie says she’ll go with Cheeni. Narmada begs her not to go. Malini begs her not to plead with Imlie since he has returned here for money.

Cheeni becomes enraged upon hearing this and misbehaves with Malini attempts to squeeze her. Imlie stops her and tells her not to mess with Malini since she is older than her. Cheeni is taken from there by her. Narmada sobs. Arpita interrupts her and explains that although they are grieving, Imlie is grieving more than them and that they should accept her choice. Aryan enters the living room. Imlie runs into him. They are each looking in opposing directions. Cheeni informs Aryan that she is leaving for good. Imlie reaches out her hand and says, “Let’s go.” Cheeni places Aryan’s hand in Imlie’s and steps back. The song Jaaniya O Dil Jaania is playing in the background. Aryan remembers saying that holding her hand would remind him that he lost his kid because of her. He retracts his hand.

Imlie begs Cheeni to follow her quietly, and her dupatta becomes entangled in Aryan’s watch band. Aryan, according to Cheeni, will not let them leave. Aryan claims he did not bring her and would not prevent her from leaving. Imlie confronts him. Cheeni declares that she will not return and flees. Imlie and Aryan walk in different ways. Cheeni begs Seeta maiya to get Imlie and Aryan back together. Arpita and Narmada join them. A fire bottle falls through a window and ignites the window curtain. Arpita dials Aryan and Sundar’s numbers. Imlie runs forward and rips back the curtain. Narmada is concerned about Imlie. Aryan sprints and grabs the falling Imlie. Their gazes are locked. The curtain descends on them. Aryan is the owner. Sundar arrives with others and extinguishes the flames with a fire extinguisher.

Aryan becomes aware and moves to the side. He contacts the police and reports that someone hurled a fire bottle into his home. Imlie discovers a letter in which it is said that if they do not get payment, they would destroy Bhaskar Times and its staff. She inquires of Aryan if Bhaskar Times is losing money. Aryan claims it is none of her concern. Imlie interrogates Arpita, who confesses that Aryan stopped visiting Bhaskar Times when Imlie departed, and it went bankrupt until Malini acquired 50% of the company and now runs it.

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