Imlie 16th August 2022 Written Update Episode

Narmada has returned

Star Plus Serial Imlie 16th August 2022 Written Update Episode on

Imlie Written Update

Imlie and Aryan confront each other in the dark and are aware of each other’s presence. The song Zindagi Ne Pehni Hai Muskan is playing in the background. They reach out their hands to each other. She then wraps herself in a blanket and flees. When she enters the living room, she discovers Arpita and others waiting there. She observes Narmada igniting the shrine lamp and leaving. The lamp flickers. She flees and protects the light.

Narmada has returned. Imlie goes into hiding. Narmada wonders how the lamp can still be lit despite the massive flow of air. The song Aye Dil Tu Laaya Hai Bahar is playing in the background. She observes Sundar and Arpita in the vicinity. She believes she has arrived to an enemy’s home and should thus control her tears and depart after doing her assignment.

Malini runs into Aryan. Aryan inquires as to why she seemed tense. She responds no and inquires as to why he seems strained, as if seeking for someone. He claims to be alright and that he was going to investigate why the light went out. Imlie looks everywhere for Cheeni. Cheeni awakens in a storeroom calling Imlie and Aryan, wondering how she got here. She attempts to bust the door open with a vase. Imlie arrives and inquires as to who locked her there. Malini, says Cheeni. Imlie says she was aware of it and that they should go from here. Cheeni claims she discovered Imlie is married to Aryan and that this is her home, that she left him in rage, that Narmada and Arpita miss her a much, and so on.

Imlie conceals Cheeni beneath her blanket, raises her, and attempts to flee. Malini observes her and informs everyone that a robber has broken into the house. The whole family has gathered. Imlie was mercilessly beaten by guards. Arpita requests that the guards cease beating the thief. According to Malini, the thief may be in possession of a lethal weapon. Aryan arrives, stops the guards, and urges them not to touch the robber again. He instructs the guards to leave and removes the thief’s blanket. Everyone is surprised to learn that Imlie is a thief. Narmada sobs as she cuddles and tears Imlie. When Neela and Preeta see Imlie, they frown. The song “Aye Dil tu Lay hai Bhaar” plays in the background once again. Narmada vows that Imlie will never let her go again.

Arpita sobs as she hugs Imlie and wonders if she is wounded. Imlie inquires as to how she is. Arpita expresses her feelings on how she would feel after dealing with Aryan. Sundar then approaches Imlie and inquires about his chipkali. Arptia asks Cheeni whether she is the one who provided Narmada the herbal medicine. Cheeni claims Imlie is everything to her, not just her mother. Narmada claims that Cheeni is Imlie’s cousin. Arpita meets Cheeni for the first time. Imlie gives him a passionate embrace. Cheeni is asked to remain by Narmada. No, says Imlie. Cheeni tells Imlie not to disobey naani/grandma and that they will go inside. Aryan goes to his room. Imlie, Narmada, and others go. Neela expresses her dissatisfaction and wonders how she could have made a mistake in her calculation. Malini is terrified, wondering how Imlie will return. Anu attempts to console her.

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