Imlie 15th October 2022 Written Update Episode

Imlie Written Episode

Star Plus Serial Imlie 15th October 2022 Written Update Episode on

Imlie Written Update

It’s not a good idea to walk outside at this hour, so Imlie will go to her room and talk to Atharva there. Imlie sees Atharva outside her home and assumes he must have come to see her. When she walks into the room, she sees him leave. She is pleased to see Atharva’s message requesting to meet up with her at a shrine tomorrow night. Chini is relieved that her future is now clear and that, after marrying Atharva, it would be better than Imlie’s. For Imlie’s first karva chauth rite, Devika, Shivani, and Divya choose jewellery to give her. Imlie’s dressing style is so casual, according to Keya, that even a short chain would be beneficial for her since the weight of this class jewellery is too much for her.

Whether a diamond is wrapped in cotton or silk, according to Devika, a diamond is a diamond. Imlie, according to Shivani, is worth more than this jewellery. When Keya got married, they treated her equally, but now Imlie is their favourite, and Keya feels deceived. Even they believed they had brought a daughter home, according to Shivani, however. Devika prevents her. Even they, according to Shivani, have been duped. Atharva moves past. He is shown the necklace they chose for Imlie by Divya. Atharva believes that everyone is content, but any misunderstanding will go in a short while.

Devika visits the Rathore home the next morning with Divya, Keya, and Shivani and gives Imlie jewels. Imlie claims that their approval was sufficient for her. They spent such priceless jewels on Imlie, Keya mutters. Chini enters. Imlie invites her to visit and see her jewels. Chini claims that the jewellery belongs to her, thus she should inspect it. Imlie claims that since she has superior sense of fashion, she can provide advice on how to combine the jewellery with her clothes. Anu walks in and tells Imlie that she should know that Chini’s marriage was called off yesterday since she is sobbing. Keya claims that Chini called off the wedding herself. Chini, who is visibly upset, tells Imlie to choose her own jewellery and not to worry about her. She tells Anu not to worry about her, leads her to her room, and shares that she broke up her alliance with Jatin because Arto confessed his love for her. After hearing it, Anu exclaims with joy that Imlie is receiving presents and blessings from her in-laws and that Imlie is optimistically soaring high. Chini asserts that she just wants their money, not their blessings, and that she would watch out for Atharva’s recalcitrance. To confirm their nighttime rendezvous, she texts Atharva.

Chini’s message is received by Atharva, who responds that they are undoubtedly meeting. He receives a nudge from Rudra, and his phone drops. Atharva becomes agitated and frantically attempts to answer the phone. When Rudra answers the phone and sees Imlie on the line, he advises him to take the call. Atharva unwinds. Atharva has changed, according to Rudra, who informs Shivani. Imlie praises Atharva for delivering her so many presents in a conversation with him. Atharva claims these are her mother’s presents. He would have given him presents tonight as well, according to Imlie, but she would have been afraid to receive them in front of everyone. According to Atharva, now is not the time to be afraid. He cuts off the phone and regrets hurting Imlie’s sentiments.

Chini tests Imlie’s accessories. Imlie enters and claims to know the truth. Chini feels uneasy and wonders whether Atharva has told her the truth. Imlie claims she is aware of Chini’s love for her and that she is choosing the appropriate jewellery and outfit for her while oblivious to her own woes. Chini picks out her jewellery and undergarments before telling her not to worry since she is unique. Imlie praises Chini for being courageous and offers to keep her jewellery or haar. Imlie asserts that she will definitely prevail and that she is free to conceal the haar or loss. She hands the jewellery back and leaves. Chini is acting strangely, says Rupali as she enters. Chini is normal, according to Imlie. She is instructed by Rupali to prepare and go see Atharva. Imlie becomes anxious as she imagines Atharva waiting for her in a temple.

Atharva excitedly awaits Chini at a shrine and prays for the arrival of his hookline. Chini enters. In the background, a song called Tere Bin Ab Na Lenge Ek Bhi Dam plays. Atharva expresses gratitude to God for hearing his prayers. Athrava, in Chini’s opinion, is her passport to becoming very wealthy and living the life of luxury. She welcomes him and breaks down in tears, stating that he must think she is selfish for postponing her wedding out of love and in defiance of her family. He claims to like her and to have loved her forthright demeanour. She gestures and inquires about Imlie. He talks about how he attempted to tell her he loved her several times before ultimately saying it. Chini displays more emotion. Imlie trips as they approach the temple with Arpita.

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