Imlie 15th June 2022 Written Update Episode

Sundar mocks Gudiya

Imlie 15th June 2022 Written Update. Star Plus Serial Imlie 15 June 2022 Written Episode on

Imlie Written Update

Imlie informs Aryan that it has not yet rained in Delhi, thus he should not be wearing his ego’s umbrella. He wonders whether his ego can stop the rain. She claims that he no longer laughs at her jokes. He says let’s not discuss it, makes her sit down, and asks her to eat as she hasn’t eaten since the morning. She claims Kairi informed her that he hadn’t eaten since the morning. Aryan thinks Kairi is odd. Imlie recalls flirting with him as Kairi describes herself as being really kind.

Aryan hesitates to mention what Kairi did and requests that she forget about it and eat. She declines. He claims she is now displaying ego. She acknowledges his suffering and requests that he accept her words. Aryan states that even she does not get that Madhav is the cause of his suffering. He displays a medication strip and explains that Madhav used it to take advantage of her.


Imlie sees someone wearing the shoes whose footprints were on the ripped check and hurries out, but the person has already disappeared. She feels disheartened and wonders when she will apprehend the perpetrator who injured Madhav. Narmada and Arpita invite her to join them while they do puja. Imlie examines the footwear on display and feels disappointment. Jyoti walks in.

Narmada said that they would visit the temple to end Jyoti’s fast there. Jyoti is angered by the notion that her prospective MIL wants to keep her hungry for longer. Gudiya asks Nila why she is allowing Jyoti and her ex-husband Harry to into the home, as if Sundar and Imlie weren’t enough. According to Nila, she knows how to manage them.

Aryan pulls Imlie aside and explains that he understands that whatever happened was terrible, but she is no longer alone; she is no longer attempting to evade the reality. Imlie reports that she has her child with her. Aryan argues that it is unfair that she does not listen to him and has even stopped seeing him. She claims that both her eyes and ears are open, but he cannot see what she does.

Jyoti finds their quarrel amusing and decides to transfer Aryan to Imlie so that she and Aryan may engage in more conflict. Aryan wants Imlie to acknowledge Madhav’s guilt since he has pharmaceutical evidence. He departs from this area. Jyoti then approaches Imlie and inquires whether everything is okay. Imlie nods yeah. Jyoti inquires if she would join everyone to the temple. Imlie nods yeah. Sundar mocks Gudiya.

Imlie inquires about Harry to Jyoti. Jyoti recounts that Harry gave her shoes instead of meals, provoking him to express his fury on her photograph. He stands in silence. She threatens to murder Nargis. With his hand, he fractures the picture frame and injures himself.

Jyoti informs Imlie in a flashback that Harry is suffering for his misdeeds. She believes it is now Imlie’s time to be punished. Arpita informs them it is time to go. Jyoti observes that Imlie is shoeless and offers her footwear as an alternative. Imlie is astonished to see the same footwear, compares its footprint to the footprint check, and concludes that Jyoti hurt Madhav.

Aryan remembers Imlie’s comments, which prevented him from punishing Madhav, and becomes enraged. Imlie ponders in the temple how Jyoti may be the perpetrator who gave her footwear; she wants evidence. She prays with everyone else. O Palan Haare… There is music playing in the background. Imlie becomes tearful. Aryan arrives to the pharmacy and requests the pharmacist to provide CCTV video from a certain day.

Imlie prays to Seeta maiya that Aryan and even she believes Jyoti, thus she needs a clue to determine if Jyoti is the perpetrator. She tripped. Aryan goes to her aid and scolds her, asking what would have happened if anything had happened to her and the baby. She claims that he is more concerned about the kid since it is his. He asserts that the infant is his, however. She inquires as to if illegitimate?

Imlie wants Aryan to acknowledge that their child is his. He declines and resolves to punish Madhav for his transgression.

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