Imlie 15th August 2022 Written Update Episode

Malini Grows Suspicious

Star Plus Serial Imlie 15th August 2022 Written Update Episode on

Imlie Written Update

Aryan indirectly talks Imlie with Cheeni. Cheeni inquires as to whether she is her particular buddy. Aryan says they can discuss it later, but first she should change and enjoy supper with him. Her braids Cheeni’s hair and invites her to supper. Imlie boards a bus bound for Delhi to return Cheeni home. The conductor inquires as to where she wishes to travel. Delhi, says Imlie. Someone knocks on Aryan’s door. Aryan tells Cheeni to go hide and unlocks the door. Preeta gives him cheeni/sugar and attempts to enter his room. He stops her and attempts to push her out the door, stating he wants to have supper with her.

She suggests they can go out to eat and forces herself to sit on his bed to talk. Aryan motions Cheeni to remain hidden and instructs Preeta to close her eyes. She shuts her eyes. He hands her an accounting book to study and tells her they’ll discuss when she finishes it. Preeta estimates that it will take her months to finish. He tells her they can discuss after a month and forces her to leave. Cheeni becomes enraged upon seeing Preeta. Aryan braids Cheeni’s hair and invites her to supper. ‘s play.

Preeta complains to Malini about Aryan, describing how he forcefully shooed her out of his room. She inquires about Malini’s experience with a similar situation. Malini cautions her not to inquire about her personal life. Preeta, annoyed, turns on the television. The latest on Cheeni’s disappearance. Malini watches it and wonders whether Cheeni is present because Aryan mentioned sugar/Cheeni. Aryan gives Cheeni food and wonders why she hasn’t used her one-liner hello sweet potato in 5 minutes. Cheeni is concerned about Imlie. Imlie arrives in Delhi and recounts the times she entered the city with dreams in her eyes, as well as the remainder of the narrative till she leaves. She believes that this metropolis was not designed for her.

Jaggu amuses himself in the corridor. Arpita attempts to intervene. Cheeni challenges Aryan to a game in which he must respond to her queries with a single word. When she says heroine, he says Imlie, then alters the name. She inquires as to if the girl is his life. He claims he does not have a wife. Nobody can marry him, she claims. He mentions having a wife and highlights Imlie’s courage and other attributes. Cheeni believes he is referring to Imlie. Jaggu launches a ball into Aryan’s chamber. Cheeni returns it.

Jaggu tosses it again, thinking Aryan wants to play with him. Cheeni throws it back again, irritated, and exits the room. Malini approaches her, thinking she sensed something was amiss and wonders why she came here at all. Cheeni tries to flee, but she collides with a table and falls unconscious. Malini picks her and carries her away, believing that separating her from Aryan is her life’s greatest desire, which she would not allow Cheeni spoil. She considers exiting the house through the back door.

Imlie arrives at Aryan’s house with her potli and recalls her first visit. She plans to enter through the backdoor and retrieve Cheeni from here. She finds the watchman dozing and wraps his blanket over her before turning off the main fuse. Jaggu screams in terror. Narmada instructs Sundar to go out and verify, assuring Anu that power would be restored soon. Anu wonders what the use of money is when they don’t even have an inverter.

Aryan returns to his room, screaming for Cheeni, but she is not there. Malini ercalls Anu, who is still present, puts Cheeni sleep on a couch, and then returns to contact Anu. Imlie walks into the home. With closed eyelids, she and Aryan sense one other’s presence and stretch their hands to each other. The song Zindagi Me Phaili Hai Muskaan is playing in the background.

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