Imlie 14th October 2022 Written Update Episode

Imlie Written Episode

Star Plus Serial Imlie 14th October 2022 Written Update Episode on

Imlie Written Update

Jatin is not willing to marry Chini. Hearing that shocks everyone. Hearing that causes Atharva, who was ready to depart, to pause. Anu chuckles. Shivani informs Devika at the Rana household that she must believe she is not helping her with Atharva’s wedding because Atharva is going through the same thing she did years prior: Atharva doesn’t love Imlie and cannot be happy in a loveless marriage. The parents of Jatin inquire of Narmada what is going on. Jatin is not Chini’s true love, hence she cannot wed him. After marriage, Jatin’s mother claims she may still love him. Jatin is told by Chini that he must realise that their union would end if she has no love for him. She ought to have mentioned so earlier rather than at the mandap wedding, according to Jatin’s father. Sundar is confronted by him for degrading him and his family in front of everyone.

Rupali claims Chini broke their alliance right before their wedding in an effort to disgrace them in front of everyone. Rupali, according to Chini, was previously aware of this, but since she is so self-centered, she didn’t pay attention to her advice. Rupali yells and raises her hand. Rupali is stopped by Imlie, who queries Chini about her desire to wed Jatin. Chini questions how Jatin can have a relationship with someone who doesn’t feel anything for him; she is aware that Imlie consented to marry Arto because of her affections for him. She enquires about Imlie’s affection from Atharva. Atharva is at a loss for words. Akash is asked to speak by Keya. Whether Imlie declines to wed Atharva in the mandap, his family will be humiliated, so Akash asks Sundar and Arpita if these are the sankars they presented to their daughters. He has to tell Rudra about this. He is urged to cool down by Arpita, who also urges Imlie to persuade Chini to propose marriage.

Imlie claims that since marriage is bad for Chini. It’s impossible to live a loveless existence, Chini understood her error before it caused a greater catastrophe, etc. She advises Jatin’s parents that it is preferable to end a relationship before getting married than to impose a union. Imlie was acting mute till now and opened her lips at the wrong moment, according to Jatin’s parents, who also condemn Narmada for her granddaughters’ improper parenting. Jatin asks his parents to stop and tells Chini that while he had begun to fall in love with her, she did the right thing by calling off the wedding at the appropriate moment and preventing their lives from being damaged in the future. With his parents, he departs.

Anu commends Chini for making the correct choice. Rupali confronts Chini and declares that Jatin is the ideal partner for her and that she will not find a more suitable partner. Chini claims she need not look for her true mate since he would come to her. Akash attempts to dissuade Atharva from approaching Chini, and as Imlie removes Chini from there, Akash tries to clutch Chini’s hand. He is pleased with Imlie for publicly supporting her sister and with Chini for standing up for herself. Rudra is informed by Keya and Akash when they come home that Chini postponed her wedding and that it is now impossible to handle Atharva. Hearing that incenses Rudra. Akash said that he believes Chini did it on purpose after feeling Atharva’s affection for her while Atharva was visibly moved at her wedding. According to Rudra, Chini is more intelligent than he first believed and will exploit Atharva for his fortune.

After experiencing humiliation due of Chini, Narmada aggressively damages items to let out her rage. What would be wrong, Anu who is sipping juice asks, if Chini spoke up for herself? Rupali claims she moved to Aryan’s home to shield Chini from Anu’s improper upbringing, but she failed today after giving her whole life to protect Chini. She then questions if she brainwashed Chini. Anu screams and calls Rupali names. Anu is cautioned by Arpita to avoid assaulting her family. They start arguing. Chini is really distressed, so Imlie asks them to stop for her sake. Anu halts. Imlie is told by Arpita that although standing up for her sister was admirable, she should now put all of her attention into planning her wedding and ignoring about her maika’s concerns.

Chini has an idea of what Arto desires. She receives a message from Arto inviting her to meet him at a shrine tomorrow night. Chini is delighted to believe that Arto wants to marry her starting immediately. Arto receives a thumbs-up from her, making him delighted. Imlie delivers food to Chini’s room out of concern for her. She is relieved to find Atharva outside since she believes he has come to visit her. She enters the room, peers out the window at Atharva, and is disappointed to discover that he is instead focusing on Chini.

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