Imlie 13th October 2022 Written Update Episode

Imlie Written Episode

Star Plus Serial Imlie 13th October 2022 Written Update Episode on

Imlie Written Update

Chini admits to Atharva that she actually knows nothing about him and is curious to learn more. He fixes his gaze on her. She claims that seeing him gaze at him makes her uneasy, so she would scream her heart out. She claims that since they are both distinct from one another, their connection is special. He can play Hindi music for her, and she can play English music for him. They both can complement one another. When she turns around, Atharva has already left. Imlie is taken away as Arpita arrives. When Atharva emerges from his hiding place, he believes Imlie to be so excellent that he cannot deceive her and does not merit her honesty. Chini likes taking pictures. She flies off, and her dupatta lands in front of Atharva. Atharva takes it and covers her with a dupatta. Chini declares she will handle it alone. He claims that she will be married today. She claims he will be married the following week. He sits dejected. If he is not satisfied, she suggests he talk to Imlie and resolve the issue. He keeps staring blankly at her.

Rudra is questioned by Devika about his concern that Atharva would faint upon meeting Chini. Atharva, according to Rudra, only listens to his heart, and he worries that Chini would ruin his relationship with Imlie because of her extreme avarice. Chini is instructed by Rudra to stop repeating his statements. Chini requests that he say it once more. When Akash enters and removes him, Atharva is going to confess his love for her. Chini makes an effort to elude Atharva. She is stopped by Keya, who inquires as to her purpose. It is, according to Chini, her home. Keya claims Imlie owns this property and has invited Chini to remain there since she views Chini as a sister. Chini ries to go once again. While her prospective husband is waiting to marry her, Keya stops her and chastises her for chatting to an unfamiliar guy. Chini questions why she is bothering herself so much and if she needs Atharva, will her secret be revealed. As she leaves, Keya says that no matter what Chini does, she is unable to seize Atharva.

Imlie and the groom, Jatin, converse. Anu is introduced to Jatin by Arpita as MIL to Chini. Jatin pats Anu on the feet. It’s excellent that he understands his position, Anu remarks with her customary conceit. Shares with her, Arpita. When talking about performing Imlie and Chini’s bidayi, she becomes emotional. She then grabs Imlie’s legs and demands to know what they spoke about with Arthava. Akash removes the DJ from the area and brings Atharva there. DJ keeps the mike on. What does he want to speak about right now, where marriages are already taking place, says Akash. Atharva claims he wants to express his affection for you. Imlie is modest. Pulling Imlie’s legs are Rupali and Sundar. Akash receives a reprimand from Keya for leaving the microphone on. Atharva, according to Akash, is doing foolishly by wanting to confess his love for Chini. Atharva claims Chini must be aware of his feelings for her.

Chini hears what she says. If he’s lost his mind, Keya wonders. According to Akash, Chini’s whole family and invited guests are there for Chini’s wedding. Keya claims that Chini is too clever and crafty and would attempt to rob him of his money; she is not a Rathore and does not deserve to be a Rana; as a result, Atharva should put Imlie first and ignore Chini. Chini remembers every instance in which Atharva made an effort to show her his affection. Imlie approaches her and queries her purpose for being there. Chini claims that she understood that not everything that glitters is gold and that she was mistaken to predict Imlie’s destiny. Since Imlie adores diamonds, she claims Imlie can preserve her golden destiny. Imlie queries Chini over her wedding present demands. As Seeta Maiya determines Imlie’s destiny and Chini will choose her own, Chini claims she doesn’t need anything.

After hearing Chini’s statements, Imlie becomes anxious. Visitors comment on Chini’s appearance as a gorgeous bride. Chini approaches Atharva, but he ignores her as he turns around to exit the wedding scene. At the mandap, Jatin is holding a garland for Chini. Chini declares that she does not want to wed him as she tosses her garter into the havan kund. Hearing that shocks everyone. Astrava halts.

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