Imlie 11th June 2022 Written Update Episode

Imlie Gets A Clue Behind Madhav’s Attack

Imlie 11th June 2022 Written Update. Star Plus Serial Imlie 11 June 2022 Written Episode on

Imlie prays to God and declares that a single seed of doubt will spoil the entire crop. She claims she wants to know who planted the seed of doubt in Aryan’s mind and prays to God to intervene. The temple bell rings on a ripped check. Imlie compares it to the remaining check piece she discovered at Madhav’s home and deduces that the assailant is at Rathore Mansion. Jyoti approaches her in a shabby state.

Imlie stows the check and inquires whether Harry has done anything to her. Jyoti becomes concerned for Imlie and Aryan after seeing their dispute and fears that they may split up like her and Harry. Imlie inquires as to why she is thinking negatively; after all, every marriage is different; she and Aryan quarrel frequently and it hasn’t harmed their love.

Jyoti claims that after viewing her and Harry’s circumstances, she realised she should have sought help. Imlie assures her that she does not need to be concerned since she has already found someone to assist her. Jyoti inquires as to who it is. Imlie claims she need not be concerned since she will find out soon, and she believes that if something goes wrong with her family, she will outsmart them and defeat them.

Jyoti approaches Aryan, assuming that if Imlie is receiving someone’s aid, she has the right to do so as well. She tells Aryan that because she and Harry are conversing again, she wants to give him another opportunity, so she can keep Harry at the Rathore home for a while. Aryan concurs. She smiles and thanks him, thinking Harry will not allow Imlie to live in peace.

Narmada is ecstatic as she makes woollen garments for her grandson. Nila approaches her with Gudiya and taunts her against Imlie, claiming that Imlie forced Aryan to pay for her buddy Madhav’s medical costs and that she will soon bring her entire community here. Arpita steps in and tells Nila to stop harassing Imlie since it’s fine if she assists her buddy. Nila frowns as she walks away.

When Imlie sees the ripped check, she realises she needs to figure out who is behind Madhav’s attack. Aryan enters the room. Imlie believes she will not enlist Aryan’s help in her quest. She makes an attempt to close a window. Aryan lends a hand. She makes an attempt to flee. He takes her hand in his and hopes she will speak out. Imlie believes he wishes to communicate, but she has nothing new to say. He wonders why she doesn’t take his advice. She has the same opinion.

They are both lying on their backs in bed. Chup Mahi Chup Hai, Ranjha…In the background, music is playing. They both recall the great time they spent together. The next morning, they wake up holding each other and say their goodbyes.

Harry is adamant about not staying with Jyoti. Jyoti insists on him going to Aryan and telling him that he wants to give his and Jyoti’s relationship another shot and wants to stay with her for a while. He flatly refuses. She wonders if he’d murder Imlie in that case. He claims he would rather commit suicide. If he doesn’t accept it, she threatens to kill Nargis and his parents.

Arpita tells Arpita in the living room that he would carry meals to Madhav at the hospital. Gudiya and Nila exclaim that all of the servants have vanished. Imlie comes, dressed as a maid, with false teeth, and claims she’ll take care of the cooking and housework.

Her family is curious as to who she is. Imlie reveals her identity. Gudiya and Nila scream angrily at her. Imlie begins her play by attempting to amuse them. Narmada inquires as to who she is and why she has arrived here. Imlie’s tale continues. Jyoti inquires whether Imlie contacted her for assistance, but she is unable to recognise her.

When Imlie fails to open the door, Aryan becomes apprehensive. Imlie, who is pretending to be Kairi, is worried that her real name might be found out.

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