Imlie 10th June 2022 Written Update Episode

Jyoti Blackmails Harry To Kill Madhav

Imlie 10th June 2022 Written Update. Star Plus Serial Imlie 10 June 2022 Written Episode on

Imlie Written Update

According to Aryan, he’s come to the realisation that Imlie isn’t stupid. If she trusted him while he was lying, he claims, then why is he questioning Madhav? He cites the incident to back up his claim. When Jyoti sees how Madhav has suddenly changed, she explains that Imlie is a wonderful person, and that’s why only good things happen around her.

Aryan has vivid recollections of Imlie’s emotional collapse. Imlie claims that because Imlie is so good, people are overly concerned about her. Aryan argues that not all nice people are treated well by the world and that Imlie has suffered greatly as a result of Madhav’s actions.

Is Jyoti aware that Harry did his utmost to murder Imlie but couldn’t? Harry asks. Because he lacks courage, Jyoti believes he isn’t truly a man, but Aryan is. Harry inquires as to whether or not she believes that killing unborn children and pregnant mothers will make him a better man.

If he can’t even safeguard his partner, he’s an incompetent failure in Jyoti’s eyes. Angry, Harry strangles Nargis, arguing that murdering her will rescue Aryan, Imlie, Nargis, and others, claiming that she is his sister.

Using footage from the hospital, Jyoti tells him that Nargis would die there if she dies here, and he accepts it. Harry is forced to spare her and feels powerless in the process. Her evil looks make it seem like even he has fallen into her trap and must do what she says.

Walking down the street, Imlie recalls Aryan blaming Madhav and letting him go. At home, Madhav wonders how Aryan can accuse him of something he didn’t do. In his residence, Jyoti and Harry pretend to be concerned for him, arguing that Aryan should not have harmed him. His mother appears in the photo, and she inquires as to how he plans to transfer money to her.

He claims he’s looking for a job. In exchange for 1 lakh, she wants him to inform Aryan that he is the father of Imlie’s kid. Madhav rips up the cheque and declares that he will not betray Aryan and Imlie, who helped him when he was in need. Harry is given the task of assassinating Madhav by Jyoti. Let him speak with Madhav and convince him, Harry tells her. Right now, Jyoti is yelling for him to be killed. Harry uses a brick to repeatedly strike Madhav.

Once there, Imlie knocks on the door. Harry and Jyoti flee via a window. When Imlie comes in and sees the door is open, he is surprised to see Madhav lying on the floor, unconscious and badly injured. She finds a shredded cheque in his palm while calling an ambulance. He ponders how he might have accomplished this. On her way back home, she breaks down and sobs in the living room.

The next person to arrive is Jyoti, who has a shredded check clinging to her shoes and wonders aloud why Imlie is furious. Imlie’s family joins her. When Imlie went to meet Madhav, he found him badly hurt, as Arpita relates. Imlie doesn’t have to be concerned; Madhav will be OK soon, and Sundar promises to bring him home-cooked food every day until he’s released from the hospital, so Imlie doesn’t have to worry.

The moment Nila overhears them talking, she screams that Imlie intends to bring in an army of beggars, as she did with Sundar. One who works hard is not a beggar, and Aryan promised that his firm would cover Madhav’s medical expenses. Astonished, Imlie follows behind him, embraces him, and expresses gratitude to him for forgiving Madhav.

Aryan tells her that she has a problem with trusting everyone and that Madhav doesn’t deserve an easy life. Aryan promises to get Madhav and then punish him. It appears that he is blaming her indirectly by pointing the finger at Madhav, and Imlie wants him to stop. He won’t accept that the baby he loves and is looking forward to meeting doesn’t belong to him, and he says it’s hard for him to understand.

Jyoti overhears their exchange. Imlie corrects Aryan’s misconceptions. Aryan claims that she is relying on Madhav instead of him, and that he feels terrible for not protecting her from harm. Jyoti is relieved that her strategy is succeeding. Who did Aryan blame for his confrontation with Madhav? Imlie enquires. Because she is afraid that Aryan will use her real identity and expose her, Jyoti becomes anxious.

In Aryan’s defence, she was unconscious the night of the sting operation, so she doesn’t know the truth about what happened. Close your eyes, Imlie, and tell me you can’t listen incorrectly. Even if she can’t hear, Aryan continues, “I have to face the reality.” Her challenge to him is for him to defend Madhav, while he is challenged by her to take revenge on Madhav. Both of them walk in opposing ways.


Imlie pleads with Seeta Maiya to tell her who is enraging Aryan, and she wants to know. When she discovers the missing portion of the cheque, she knows that the attacker is from Rathore Mansion.

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