Hilarious Cat Snapchats That Will Bring A Smile To Your Face

Cats are unpredictable creatures, and you never know what you are going to catch them doing. Luckily today, we are always able to whip out our phones and quickly snap them in action. People have caught their cats doing bizarre things from stealing knives to making weird faces. We have compiled a list of the best cat Snapchats that will make your day so much better. Continue reading to see the puurfectly adorable cats and the puurfectly hilarious cat snapchats.

Went Missing And Came Back With A Twin

This cat mysteriously disappeared for a few days and when he returned, he was not alone. 

Went Missing And Came Back With A Twin


He must have gone on a quest to find his long lost twin, and he finally found him after many years of searching. This would be a perfect picture to include on a black cat snapchat!

She Is Not A Fan Of The Dog

Cats and dogs typically do not get along, so it is no surprise that this cat isn’t thrilled when the dog tries to clean her. 

She Is Not A Fan Of The Dog


She looks so shocked that there is a big slobbery tongue on her head, and the dog seems satisfied that he cleaned her well. Whoever captured this unique moment between this hilarious cat and dog can surely be proud of themselves for their masterpiece. 

Pure Dissapointment

Have you ever ordered food because of a picture on a menu, and then when your food arrived it was disappointing? That is how this cat feels. 

Pure Dissapointment


He does not know why the food tastes like cardboard even though it looks delicious, and he will never trust food pictures again. This hilarious cat with its disappointed expression so perfectly captures how so many people feel daily. 

Rock-A-Bye Kitty

“Human, will you rock me? I want to be just like the small humans who play with this strange toy.” 

Rock-A-Bye Kitty


This is a once in a lifetime picture that belongs on cat snapchat, how often do you get to see a picture like this? She will not take no for an answer, and she will annoy you until you give in and push her. 

She Really Missed Her Family

When your family goes away and leaves you with a babysitter, so you feel abandoned. This cat probably thought his family left him forever. 

She Really Missed Her Family


When the family finally returned, he was overwhelmed with emotions, but also wondered where they had been all this time. 

“Is Anyone Home?”

“Hello, human. I am locked out of the house and would like to come back now. Please let me back in.” This hilarious cat knew exactly where to go when he got locked out of the house and created this cat snapchat worthy image (that was luckily captured for everyone to see and enjoy). 

"Is Anyone Home?"


He was smart enough to know that the camera was there, and someone would probably see him. 

Whose Cat Is This?

This cat must have thought this was his Uber, so he jumped in, but it was the wrong car. 

Whose Cat Is This?


Now he won’t leave because he wants a free ride to where these people are going. Maybe they should go on cat snapchat to figure out what to do next. Have they just unintentionally adopted a cat? 

“Hey, Welcome To The Neighborhood.”

This person moved into their new apartment, and they thought the welcoming committee was a bit odd. 

"Hey, Welcome To The Neighborhood."

They did not speak; they just stared and meowed until the person went back inside their apartment. This should be the welcome photo for black cat snapchat. 

The Rug Has Come To Life

Is that toothless from How to Train Your Dragon? He blends in perfectly with the rug, and only his green eyes can be seen. 

The Rug Has Come To Life


That would be pretty scary if you were watching a scary movie, forgot your cat was there, and then looked down and only saw a pair of eyes looking at you. Yet another remarkable photo to include in black cat snapchat. 

“How Dare You Not Give Me More Milk, Karen.”

Karen knocked over her cat’s milk and then decided to mock her cat by eating dinner right in front of him. 

"How Dare You Not Give Me More Milk, Karen."


Her cat does not seem pleased that there was no replacement milk. 

Giving A Status Report To His True Master

“Master, I have managed to get the humans to do what I want and feed me on command. I think our plan is going to work.” 

Giving A Status Report To His True Master


That would be pretty scary if you were watching a scary movie, forgot your cat was there, and then looked down and only saw a pair of eyes looking at you. Yet another remarkable photo to include in black cat snapchat. 

The Jon Snow Of Cats

“This is the fur of my foes. It is my foe fur.”  If you bother him, he will soon be wearing your fur too. This cat, with this exact caption, belongs on cat snapchat. Just look at that majestic stance and classic style! 

The Jon Snow Of Cats


If there is ever a cat version of Game of Thrones, this cat should be cast as Jon Snow. 

“Hey, How You Doin’?”

This cat was watching too many episodes of Friends, and she started to mimic some of Joey’s characteristics. 

"Hey, How You Doin'?"


It looks like she is about to ask her owner’s, “how you doing?”

“Come On Whiskers, It’s Time For Our Play Date”

Ralph, also known by the hilarious cat name…the picker-upper, comes to pick up his best friend so they can go on their daily walks together. No one knows where they go or what trouble they get into, but they have the same daily routine. 

"Come On Whiskers, It's Time For Our Play Date"


They always know to come back at the same time or else they will be grounded for staying out past curfew. 

He Who Judges All

The neighbor’s cat is very judgemental and does not condone the lifestyle you live. 

He Who Judges All


He disapproves of all the life choices that he has watched you make, and he wants you to feel the ultimate shame. 

“Is She Still Looking?”

It is hard to tell who the guilty party is here, or if they collaborated to do something bad. Either way, this hilarious cat thought that by hiding behind the dog, he could escape punishment. Meanwhile the dog just pulled out the puppy dog eyes. 

"Is She Still Looking?"


It’s funny how the cat is using the dog to hide as if he isn’t there. “If I can’t see the human, they can’t see me.” 

“Ooh, A Lamp!”

There must be something that the human eye cannot see that makes this lamp so interesting. All of the cats, the stuffed animal, and even the people on TV are looking at it, making you wonder what they see in it that we do not. Is there an explanation for this strange cat snapchat?

"Ooh, A Lamp!"


Maybe there is a bug hiding in there, and the cats are waiting for the perfect moment to attack. 

Don’t Leave Her On The Ground

If this person doesn’t pick the cat up, they are pure evil. How could anyone resist a face like that. 

Don't Leave Her On The Ground


She is doing her best begging face because she is being too lazy to walk around the house herself. 

“Admire Me Like A Statue”

When you need to be the center of attention, so you have to find creative ways for people to stare at you. 

"Admire Me Like A Statue"

This cat wanted to be a statue, so he found a way to make her dreams come true and have everyone admire her. As can be seen in this cat snapchat, she was pretty successful as we are all admiring the picture ourselves.  

“What, I Wasn’t Doing Anything”

The cat has been wondering why his humans are home so often. He doesn’t like all the extra attention. 

"What, I Wasn't Doing Anything"


This hilarious cat finally had enough of his humans and devised a plan to get rid of them, but he was caught in action. He will have to try again another day. 

Don’t Wait The Sleeping Cat

He was so nervous about his cat getting upset by being moved so he decided to sit on the uncomfy chair instead. 

Don't Wait The Sleeping Cat


Cats are temperamental, so people have to try extra hard for their cats to like them. 

Engage Towel Mode

The cat disguised itself among the towels, but he didn’t fully commit to the role. 

Engage Towel Mode


As a towel, you cannot scratch the person that is using you, and you cannot meow at the humans because it will blow your cover. Regardless, it’s impressive how much the cat really looks like a towel in this cat snapchat. 

Kitten Shoes

Have you ever wanted a pair of shoes that were functional, but also adorable? Look no further because you can now buy kitten shoes. 

Kitten Shoes


The kittens are sold separately, and they grow over time. They also might scratch you if you try to walk with them on, so they are not exactly functional. 

Run With The Horses

This cat has big dreams of running with the horses, so much so that he pretended to by lying on this rug. 

Run With The Horses


He fits perfectly into the picture, and we can picture how majestic this scene would be in real life. Although he may not actually be able to keep up with the horses, this cat snapchat makes you think otherwise. 

Proper Social Distancing

The cat went to the grocery store, and when he got there he remembered that he has to wait in line and stand 6-ft away from people. 

Proper Social Distancing


He is following the rules better than most humans have. Good cat, 10/10 for social distancing. 

It Must Be Broken

Does anyone else look at this photo an automatically hear the sound “mlehm?” Is it just us? 

It Must Be Broken


She didn’t get the shot she wanted, but this is better than what she expected. Instead of a cute spontaneous capture of her cat, she captured a hilarious cat snapchat. 

Dinosaurs Vs. Cat

Like the Christmas tree trick, the best way to keep your cat downstairs is to find something they are afraid of and block the stairs with it.  

Dinosaurs Vs. Cat


How long do you think it will take the cat to realize they are plastic toys or find a way around the dinosaurs? From the looks of this cat snapchat, it may take a while. 

“I Will Find A Way To Get To That Tree”

These people have found the best way to keep their tree safe from a cat attack. The key is to find something your cat is afraid of and make a barrier so they can’t get to the tree. 

"I Will Find A Way To Get To That Tree"


The only problem with this plan is that the cat might figure out that tangerines aren’t scary, and he will walk past them. 

Cloudy Day At Home

The cat looks like he is plotting against the puppy, and he is planning to be the only pet in the house soon. 

Cloudy Day At Home

“Ever since this puppy arrived, he has been taking all the attention away from me, and I have had enough.” 

Huston, We Have A Problem

“I don’t know if you know this Sandra, but bears are not afraid of small house cats. Please help me!” 

Huston, We Have A Problem


We hope Sandra opened the window to help save the cat from the bear because he looks terrified. 

Take My Unicorn To The Old Town Road

The kitten must think that this unicorn is going to take him around the house, and he is patiently waiting for it to start moving. This black cat snapchat is both cute and comical at the same time. 

Take My Unicorn To The Old Town Road

Meg Frank

We wonder how long he stayed there till he lost interest in the toy. 

“New Cat Tree, Who Dis?”

This hilarious cat looks like he was busy enjoying his cat tree, and then his mom called him, so he popped his head out to say hello. 

"New Cat Tree, Who Dis?"


He looks so happy to see his mom and play in his cat tree; it is so pure and sweet. 

It Was A Big Nope For The Snow

Cats do not like water or snow, and the proof is right here. This cat put one paw in the snow and retreated back inside as was captured in this funny cat snapchat. 

It Was A Big Nope For The Snow


It was not for him, and he would not be returning to the outdoors until the snow was gone. 

Life Imitates Art

These two cats had been watching their favorite animated movie, and they wanted to recreate their favorite scene. Luckily their owners were able to capture the moment in an adorable cat snapchat. Hopefully, it was true love at first sight as in the movie. 

Life Imitates Art


Cats may be dragons in disguise. It wouldn’t be such a reach to assume that. 


This cat could not be happier to receive its first toy. He is never going to let go of it, so don’t try to take it away. 


It is so precious to see when an animal gets adopted, and you can tell how thrilled they are. 

Best Friends

Once you meow at a cat, you never go back, and he never leaves. He must be curious about the humans who know how to speak his language. 

Best Friends


He clearly like this family better than his own, so they should just let him into their home to live there. 

Bags Are More Fun

Why purchase an expensive cat toy when you could give them a plastic bag, and they will be just as satisfied. 

Bags Are More Fun


Cats are more satisfied with random household object than the toys their owners purchase for them. But then again, no one ever accused cats of being logical creatures, as they proved in this cat snapchat. 

“Hey! That’s My Human!”

When your younger sibling is getting more attention from your parents, and you need to remind them who came first. 

"Hey! That's My Human!"


This hilarious cat is not happy that someone is giving love to her human. She is still trying to get used to her dog sibling.


“Human, you have to help me! I made a grave mistake when I went outside to see what this white stuff was that fell from the sky.” 



The fear in his eyes is too real. He really does not want to be outside anymore. The cold and the wetness was just too much for him. But at least they captured this funny cat snapchat at just the right moment.

His True Form Has Been Revealed

How did this adorable fluffy kitten turn into a hobbit in less than a minute? It doesn’t even seem like the same cat.  

His True Form Has Been Revealed


This is why you should never put a cat in water. Not only do they hate it, but they will also turn into weird hobbit-like creatures. 

Error: Low Ink

Either the cat factory ran out of ink, or they ran out of white tails, so she had to settle for a mixed calico tail. 

Error: Low Ink


It is like a statement tail, it elevates her look and makes her unique. She is the trendiest of all the cats and belongs on the list of best cat snapchats. 

Spot The Second Cat

No, that orange paw does not belong to the brown cat; he is just sitting on his brother so he can get extra treats. 

Spot The Second Cat


He likes to make his parents think that his brother has disappeared. 

Professor McGonagall, Is That You?

Professor McGonagall has retired from Hogwarts and has moved on to teaching public school. 

Professor McGonagall, Is That You?


She forgot that muggles do not know magic, so she has to stay as a cat for the rest of the class until they are dismissed, and she can change back into a human. 

“Why Are You Crying Human?”

Either you are cutting the onions wrong, and the cat knows because she is a professional feline chef, or she doesn’t understand why you cry. 

"Why Are You Crying Human?"


Regardless of the reason, you confuse her, and she doesn’t understand the strange human things you do. 

“Susan, I Have Been Waiting For You”

“We need to talk. You have been slacking on putting out my night time milk, Susan, and I have hade enough.” 

"Susan, I Have Been Waiting For You"


He looks so displeased with his own and he is done with her ignoring his milk needs. It looks like a stressful meeting to join. Best of luck to the person who captured this cat snapchat! 

Cattail Plant

This cat was trying to blend in with the plant. He had heard his owner talking about cattail plants so he assumed that he could pretend to be one. 

Cattail Plant


It doesn’t look very comfortable, but we commend him for his disguising efforts. 

It Must Be A Weird Hat

This is like when you know someone who has had a beard for as long as you can remember, and then they shave it, and you barely recognized them. 

It Must Be A Weird Hat


We think the cat is trying to tell his owner the hat does not look good, and he should try something else. 

Just Hanging

This looks like one of those motivational posters you would find in a guidance counselors office that says, “Hang in there.”

Just Hanging


Maybe he is trying to get in shape, and he is doing pull-ups to work on his upper body strength. Maybe there was a beautiful cat that he was trying to impress. His owners could share this cat snapchat with the lovely feline as proof to all the effort he is putting in. 

He Is Bad To The Bone

When you only have one sleeve, so half your body looks tough and rugged while the other arm looks weak. 

He Is Bad To The Bone


It might be a while until he gets his other sleeve done, considering he doesn’t have a job and can’t make money. 

Cat Tested And Approved

This hilarious cat is either the official taste tester for her human’s cookies or a truly evil creature. She wasn’t asked to do the job, but she wanted to make sure they were edible. 

Cat Tested And Approved

Kris Sovann

It is impressive how animals without opposable thumbs can open containers when it is a struggle for humans sometimes. 

Preheat The Oven And Cook At 350 Degrees

When you get a hairless cat and your family never stops trolling you, but it was also a weird decision cause hairless cats do look like raw chicken. 

Preheat The Oven And Cook At 350 Degrees


Now she can’t share pictures with her family because they will continue to troll her. 

“I Live Here Now!”

We don’t know how he managed to get in there, but that is his new home, and he shall live there forever, or until he finishes the food. 

"I Live Here Now!"


He has decided to stay here until his humans are able to leave the house again. He started to get sick of them constantly being home. 

Pure And Precious

This is the most adorable photo on the internet right now. We must protect this old man and his cat at all costs because they are just too cute.

Pure And Precious


Just look at the way he smiles at it so lovingly. You can tell that cat means so much to him. 

The Tiger Within

This is the most majestic photo of a cat that has ever graced the internet. It looks like it is stalking the camera, ready to attack. 

The Tiger Within


Those eyes are glowing so bright and golden. It is such a beautiful picture. It can hardly be considered a cat snapchat due to its professional and stunning nature. 

Prophecy Of The Floof

This ferocious chubby cat shouldn’t be messed with because he will use his extra weight to sit on you. 

Prophecy Of The Floof


He can stalk prey for days, but when it comes to chasing it, he gets winded after 2 minutes of running. 

“No Pictures, Please”

These cats are so beautiful and unique. They both have heterochromia which causes one eye to be a different color than the other. 

"No Pictures, Please"


Interestingly, they have different colored eyes, and the gene transferred to her son. 

“That’s Not Mine!”

It is day three of Miso’s diet, and he is struggling to stay on track. His extra food was found, and now his humans are watching him carefully so he can’t hide food. 

"That's Not Mine!"


Miso likes the way he looks, but the vet said he had to lose weight. He will find another way to sneak food. 

Next time you are feeling down, why not pull out this list of hilarious cat snapchats and cute cat pictures? There is nothing better than fixing a bad day by enjoying some cute and cuddly and comical cat pictures. 

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