Harphoul Mohini 15th June 2022 Written Update Episode

Harphoul's family and friends hunt

Harphoul Mohini 15th June 2022 Written Update. Colors Tv Serial Harphoul Mohini 15 June 2022 Written Episode on tellyepisode.com

Harphoul Mohini Written Update

Harphoul Mohini
Harphoul Mohini

Harphoul defeats Balwant’s soldiers. Mohini and her sisters are terrified of rats in Kerala. Mohini displays courage and attempts to capture the rat for the sake of her sister. She expels the rodent from the home by using her thoughts. Mai prevents Harphoul from hitting Balwant with his slipper. He is a menace to Balwant. There, Mai takes Harphoul. Balwant’s soldiers claim that if Mai had not stopped Harphoul, Harphoul would have beaten Balwant as well.

Balwant claims he wanted Harphoul would attack them so he could file a complaint against him for attempted murder. And send Harphoul to prison for six years. During that period, he would have taken Harphoul’s land, but now he must find an other solution. Balwant’s guys recommend murdering Harphoul since not even the cops will arrest him. He is informed by Balwant that he cannot murder Harphoul. According to his will, Harphoul’s friends would inherit his property following his death.

Mai prepares food. Shalini serves all customers. Harphoul informs Mai that after healing her injuries, she might have begun cooking. He uses haldi to treat her wound. He informs her that she will now see the new Harphoul. Shalini states that she also advised Harphoul not to fight out of anger, but he does not listen. Mai informs her that she should have given similar advise to her husband, since everyone is aware of the repercussions of opposing Balwant. Harphoul’s sibling examines his leg. Shalini assures herself that Mai is solely concerned about Harphoul.

Mai prevents the departure of Harphoul’s companions. He informs them that they are also her sons and that she would feel terrible if anything were to happen to them. She reprimands them for not caring for themselves. Harphoul acknowledges that he committed an error. He asks Mai what he should do at this time. She proposes to him marriage. She advises him to suppress his wrath and defeat Balwant with his intellect. She says that she would perish if anything were to happen to him and sobs. He tells her he cannot take her disrespect and hugs her while crying. Mai is asked by Harphoul’s buddy what they should do. She instructs him to locate a woman for Harphoul. Meanwhile, Mohini performs a sleep-inducing song for her sisters.

The next day, Mohini spots an advertising in the newspaper stating that a guy’s family is looking for an educated and attractive girl, and that they have no expectations from the girl’s family. She notifies her parents about the advertising. Her father states that he must determine whether or not the man is trustworthy.

Balwant remembers how Harphoul was about to strike him. He convinces himself that Harphoul will not find a wife. Meanwhile, Harphoul enters her home dressed as a groom. He brings along his wife. No one was able to see the bride’s face due to her veil. Mai inquires about the bride’s name. Harphoul informs her that the name of her daughter-in-law is Bijli.

Mohini’s father informs his daughter that the man is 45 years old. According to Mohini’s mother, she and her spouse have a 10-year age difference. Mohini informs her father that she would consider this proposed match. He chastises her.

Mai lifts the veil from the bride and is astonished to discover Harphoul’s buddy as the bride. Harphoul informs her that no one in the Panchayat will remove the veil. She informs him that marriage is just no laughing matter. The father of Mohini gets a letter from a bank. Harphoul’s family and friends hunt for a female companion for him. Mohini feels impotent.

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