Guy Tells His Dad That He’s Not A Babysitter And If He Wants Me To Babysit, He’ll Have To Pay

At 22, OP has a close bond with his 43-year-old dad. When OP was 16, his cheating led to her mom leaving and him raising his half-siblings, 5-year-old twin boys, after their mother, his affair partner (AP), left. OP’s parents have since reconciled, and his mom even helped care for the twins occasionally. Though technically his half-siblings, OP considers them full siblings, and OP has taken care of them a few times. OP’s dad has been an exceptional father to them all, but now, he’s found happiness with Dan, whom he married recently. They’re planning a honeymoon, and though Dan suggested taking the boys, the dad thought it better for them to bond as a couple.

They asked OP’s mom to babysit, but she declined due to the twins’ three-week-long, challenging behavior. OP also refused, explaining that he is not a babysitter and would require payment. Dad was unhappy, arguing that they’re family. The twins are quite a handful due to their shyness and occasional tantrums. This makes it tough for hiring external help. Now OP is wondering if asking for payment was unreasonable.

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At 16, OP’s Dad cheated, Mom left, and AP pregnant. Dad’s now single with twin boys. We’re 22 and close, despite the past. Mom’s not involved.

OP’s parents reconciled for my sake, and my mom helped with the twins. OP considers them siblings, not half-siblings. Dad, openly bi, married Dan recently after the previous dating.

Dad’s wonderful but wants personal time. Dad and Dan delayed their honeymoon for a couple of weeks. Dad convinced Dan not to take the twins, saying they need time alone.

Mom declined 3-week twin care, as she usually watches them briefly. Dad asked OP and he asked for payment, causing his anger. He says they’re siblings, not a job.

The twins are messy and challenging. They’re shy and act out when cared for by others. Dad can’t hire anyone due to this. Unsure if asking for payment makes OP wrong.

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People are declaring this situation as NTA and it seems

The proverb defines the situation and justifies the answer very well.

The mom is such an iron lady and an epitome of strength.

Three weeks is not a less time to not be paid.

The Dad should bring up the topic of payment himself.

Dad needs to grow up and take up the responsibility himself.

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