Guy Saves His Sisters From His Chauvinistic Family, Takes Them To Court

Parents are not always correct.

I know we all want to believe that our parents are always looking out for our best interests, but that isn’t always the case. They can be selfish beings who don’t care about their children at times. I’m not claiming it’s always their fault. After all, it is sometimes because that is how they were raised, that they end up perpetuating a never-ending cycle of childhood trauma. That is why it is necessary for parents to examine themselves on a regular basis and recognise that they are not all-knowing.

When it comes to abhorrent parents, this story stands out from the crowd. While I usually like to point out at least one positive thing from each side, I can’t do so this time because the parents and the entire family’s actions are making my blood boil. It’s one thing to be chauvinistic, but it’s quite another to let family members ‘use’ your daughter for whatever pleasure they require. It’s truly heinous, and just writing about it makes me sick. This is my trigger warning because this story contains references to some serious topics.

Those who are willing to read it can do so by scrolling down below.

The title seems very simple but the story will have your blood boiling with anger.

This is the point of no return and I urge people to think about the trigger warning seriously.

He had already moved out and didn’t speak with the family as much.

However, he did keep in touch with his family and was back for a while.

His sister was nowhere to be seen so he went to find her.

When he did find her, he was surprised to see what was happening.

When he realized that his parents were in on it as well, he quickly hightailed out for here with his cousin and sister.

He was quick to file a report and fought hard in a court of law.

This basically nuked the family apart and everyone was caught in the aftermath.

A lot of these people were brought up to believe that this was the correct way to treat women.

Her sister also ended up becoming pregnant which they took care of.

The poor girl was taken advantage of for years and thus needs a lot of help.

They not only hurt her but broke her emotionally as well.

Even the little cousin was being groomed.

Amy now also has a service dog who is always there beside her.

His family hasn’t let it go either and continues to har*ss them.

His parents also tried to get custody back.

But at this point, he isn’t going to let that happen.

But that was all the backstory and there is a reason he is asking if he is in the wrong.

You see, his mother contacted him a while ago.

She wants to meet with Amy but he doesn’t want that to happen until Amy is an adult.

Amy might not be able to handle it mentally right now.

This may not be the brightest ending we have seen but it is a hopeful one.

We can only hope that Amy thrives in the future.

We also get a little summary for the story but it doesn’t do it justice at all.

and while he wanted to post a picture of the service dog, he is afraid of blowing his anonymity.

He was also quick to answer the questions that were most common.

Thankfully, he is in therapy as well and getting help.

There are always going to be people who don’t believe this.

I’m glad the brother was able to separate his sisters from the family because I can’t imagine what would have happened otherwise. He isn’t perfect, as he admits, but it is clear that he is doing everything he can to give these girls the life they deserve. I honestly have no idea what his sister is going through and can only wish her the best. I also hope that the family members remain in jail for an extended period of time because that is the life they deserve.

People in the comments were 100% on his side.

His mental health is also a priority right now.

We can only hope that they continue to do great in their lives.

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