Gud Se Mitha Ishq 8th June 2022 Written Update Episode

Pari Performs Kajal’s Graha Pravesh Ritual

Gud Se Mitha Ishq 8th June 2022 Written Update. Star Bharat Serial Gud Se Meetha Ishq 8 June 2022 Written Episode on

Gud Se Mitha Ishq Written Update

Despite Soniya’s commands, Kajal says she’ll stay wherever Soniya wishes. The kitchen, according to Pari, is a location where meals may be prepared with fresh produce, allowing the newlywed to remain in their own room. After a few days with Pari, Nutan tells Soniya that he let Kajal stay with her. When Pari hears it, she is overjoyed.

When Pavitra sees Neel carrying home kajal, she becomes enraged. To help her believe in him, Neel recalls their first meeting and the kindness he showed her. Despite her faith in him, Kajal urges him to keep away from her. She grins and says she trusts him. He’s on board. She drives away in her own vehicle.

When Soniya sees them, she confronts Neel about who the girl was. Neel claims she is Pavitra, his girlfriend. Soniya is overjoyed to hear it and tells him to get rid of Kaju as quickly as possible. He inquires about her relationship with Kaju. Kaju, she claims, has just entered Pari’s chamber. Kaju joins Pari in her chamber, where she begins her graha pravesh.

Soniya tells Nutan to forget the past and accept Kajal, despite what occurred. In Soniya’s opinion, Dhruv married Bhoomi, a gorgeous and well-educated woman, but Neel was given a mountain girl. As Neel has a girlfriend who he adores, she begs her to assist him in getting rid of Kajal.

Neel’s mother, Nutan, has promised to back her up. Soniya is overjoyed to hear that.

When Pari is enacting the ceremony of Kajal’s room/graha pravesh, she is also taking pictures of her. Kajal is a good friend of hers. Kajal enquires as to how she came to learn about the upcoming event.

Pari claims that she, too, aspires to be a bride someday and has studied up on the subject. She claims to have picked Raju as her fiancé’s name. “Do you ever fantasise about your groom riding in on a horse?” Kajal inquires. Pari tells a story about a horse-related occurrence from her childhood to explain why she’s terrified of them.

As an apology, Kajal pledges that she won’t ever say anything that might upset Pari again.

Bhoomi didn’t touch Pari’s feet when she returned home as a wife, so she wonders whether she will now. When Kajal tells Pari that her mother taught her to touch the feet of the elderly, Pari nods. It makes Pari happy, so he wishes her well.

Kajal thinks Pari is a lovely person. Pari embraces her and tells her that everyone thinks she’s crazy. They quickly became inseparable and inseparable best friends.

In Soniya’s telling, JD learns that Neel has a crush on Pavitra and not Kajal. To hear it, JD is in disbelief. After a few days, Soniya says they’ll get rid of Kaju. Singh has been freed from prison. His aides extend a warm greeting to him.

According to his counsel, he should exercise caution with heroes. Phool Singh chastises him and hurries him out the door. Asked about Neel, he then ordered them to locate him in Delhi. In light of Neel’s recent release from prison, Aide advises him to forget about him for the time being.

Neel and Kaju must be punished by Phool Singh, who swears he will not rest until he accomplishes this goal.

The Precap: At lunch, Neel invites Kajal to join him and his family. They call Kajal a “servant” and make her sit at a low table.

Bhoomi and Soniya are irked by Neel and Pari’s decision to join Kajal.

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