Gud Se Metha Ishq 26th May 2022 Written Update Episode

Gud Se Metha Ishq 26th May 2022 Written Update. Star Bharat Serial Gud Se Meetha Ishq 26 May 2022 Written Episode on

She falls to the ground and injures herself, blaming Pari for pushing her. Dhru reprimanded Pari for damaging the ground. Pari refuses to let him down. Bhoomi says that one day Pari will kill her and ask JD and Grandpa to decide if they want to see her or the fairy in this house because she can’t live with the fairy under one roof.

Kajal was terrified remembering the woman’s words that she would sell it in 2 days. She remembers the standard moments she spent with her mother. She asks God why she was punished when she had never harmed anyone in her life.

JD tells the family that mentally retarded girls like Pari do not deserve to be at home and therefore should be sent to a mental shelter. The family supports the fairy. JD says that Pari has damaged Bhoomi, if they ask Pari’s parents what they will answer. Dev says the fairy can never hurt anyone, she just coped with the situation. JD tells her to stay away from her family problems. Sonia and Newton Beck.

JD says he has already decided that the fairy will not stay in the house. The family refused to send him to a mental hospital. Dev says that if he had not been rude to the fairy and had not taken special care of her, he would not have faced this situation. He tries his best to please them, but JD is adamant.

Kajal finds a way out of the room and tries to break the door lock. Neil returned home and listened to JD’s orders to transfer the fairy to a mental shelter. They oppose the JD. JD revealed that the fairy had damaged the land, so she could not stay in the house.

Bhoomi says that mentally unstable people should live in a mental shelter and not at home. Neil asks him if he’s been eating it for a minute until he talks to the fairy and walks over to her. The fairy says she is not mentally ill so she will not seek refuge. Kajal manages to open the door.

PreCap: Kajal escapes from the goons while the fairy escapes from the house. Neil and Deo look for Pari. Kajal looks at Neil and calls him, but hides when she sees the thugs.