Ghum Hai Kisi Ke Pyaar Mein 6th August 2022 Written Update Episode

Sai arrives home and informs Virat

Star Plus Serial Ghum Hai Kisi Ke Pyaar Mein 6th August 2022 Written Update Episode on

Ghum Hai Kisi Ke Pyaar Mein Written Update

Sai’s coworker inquires whether she believes Virat will be able to properly deliver the baby. Chavans pray to God for the safe delivery of Pakhi. They talk about whether Virat will be able to have a baby. Sonali claims that they are gone from home when they are most needed. Karishma wonders if she should check with Virat. Shivani requests that she not do so since Sai needs to communicate with Virat. Rajiv thinks it’s great that Sai and Virat are both delivering Pakhi.

Virat instructs Pakhi to continue pressing. Pakhi passes out. Virat becomes agitated and notifies Sai that Pakhi is silent. Sai claims she became exhausted and fainted and requests that he pour water on her face to wake her awake. Virat does, but Pakhi does not. Sai is frozen with fear. Virat asks Sai what he should do now and tries his hardest to help Pakhi before breaking down. He begs Sai to speak up and tell him how to awaken Pakhi and bring their child into the world.

Sai’s coworker shakes her and brings her back to reality. Sai instructs Virat to continue attempting to awaken Pakhi and states that if Pakhi was at the hospital, they would have conducted vacuum delivery. Virat inquires as to what she means. Sai claims that they can provide vacuum delivery even at home. A colleague points out that there is no electricity at Pakhi’s residence. Sai requests that Virat use the vacuum cleaner in his car and provides him a sample video. Virat examines the video and states that the vacuum cleaner’s pressure would be quite high. Sai claims that the pressure in the automobile vacuum cleaner would not be that high and instructs him to tape a plunger to the nozzle and use it. He does the same and successfully delivers a newborn boy by vacuum birth.

Sai becomes upset when he sees this. She then instructs Virat on how to cut the umbilical chord. Virat does the same and is pleased. Sai urges him to look after the infant and hopes Pakhi is only unconscious. Virat requests that he return home as soon as possible. She’s ready to go when she discovers the baby isn’t crying and requests that he touch the infant’s back. The baby does not respond. Sai instructs him to pressure his chest. Virat is correct. Sai begs God to preserve Vinayak. Vinayak answers by crying out loudly. Virat beams and declares that their baby is crying. Sai rejoices as well, saying she loves Virat and that he has safely delivered their child. According to Virat, they both did.

Sai arrives home and informs Virat that she has notified the entire family that they have a newborn boy. She becomes more emotional as she holds bab in her palm and pampers it. Virat’s finger is held by Baby. Virat is overjoyed. Sai congratulates Virat on successfully delivering their child into the world and believes Virat and Vinayak’s relationship would be extremely special. Virat refers to the infant as Vinu. Sai finds Pakhi is still unconscious and requests that Virat take the baby away from her while she attends to Pakhi. She pampers Pakhi and want to tell her, despite their disagreements, that she is grateful to her for bringing the baby into the world.

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