Ghum Hai Kisi Ke Pyaar Mein 4th August 2022 Written Update Episode

Pakhi Shocks Sai Revealing Her Unjustified Intention

Star Plus Serial Ghum Hai Kisi Ke Pyaar Mein 4th August 2022 Written Update Episode on

Ghum Hai Kisi Ke Pyaar Mein Written Update

Pakhi informs Sai that she will not give her baby to Sai and will demand that Virat hand the baby over to her. Sai claims the baby is hers, and she will not allow Pakhi to take it away. Pakhi claims she is informing her ahead of time so as not to surprise her, and she is confident that her family will believe her rather than Sai and will hand over the baby to her. That is why, according to Sai, she wanted Pakhi’s signature on a consent form.

Pakhi claims she will not only force Virat to hand over the baby to her, but she will also name it Vilekh or Vilekha, with Virat’s V and Patralekha’s Lekh. She says Vilekh means “thinking,” which Sai will do now and accept that the baby is Pakhi’s. Sai tells Pakhi not to relax and that she will go to any length to get her baby. Pakhi believes Sai will be a silent observer. Sai asserts that she will take her baby from Pakhi. Chavans dance and invite Pakhi to join them on the dance floor. Pakhi performs a dance while holding Sai’s hands.

Back in the room, Virat notices Sai lost in thought and inquires as to why. Sai believes that if she tells him about Pakhi’s plan, he will question her and Pakhi will flatly deny it. She leans against Virat’s shoulder. Virat claims Ashwini told him that the baby could be born in 8 months. Sai says all she wants is for 9 months to pass before she gets her baby. Virat wonders who will kidnap her child. Sai vows that no one will take her baby away from her. He consoles her.

Pakhi watches delivery videos online the next morning. Virat brings her breakfast and asks her to turn off the television. Pakhi is also expecting to go into labour after 8 months and is nervous. Virat instructs her not to think too hard. Pakhi says they both worked hard for this baby, and she is grateful to him for always being there for her and carrying out his fatherly duties. Virat tries to put a stop to her. She claims her child kicked her. Virat is excited and talks to his baby. Pakhi becomes emotional and declares that she will not be the baby’s mother once it is born. Virat claims that the baby will be in this house in front of her eyes, that she can spend as much time as she wants with the baby, and that she will not have to worry about labour pains.

Bhavani walks in and says Virat is correct. She informs Virat that she has organised a bhoj/feast for the baby’s blessings and will be out with family, so he should look after Pakhi. Virat says he is also going on duty, but she doesn’t have to worry because Sai will be available for Pakhhi. The Chavans attend the event. Karishma informs Sonali that the mother for whom the event was planned has gone missing. Pakhi enjoys being alone in the house. She enters Sai’s room, looks at Virat and Sai’s photoframe, opens the window to enjoy the cool breeze, and drops the photo frame on the floor, grinning and explaining that the frame fell down due to air.

Virat is in the middle of a meeting with his subordinates. A constable informs him that there is heavy rain outside, as well as water on the roads, and that not a single vehicle can move. Virat believes he must return home early today because Pakhi is alone. Pakhi trips on the stairs but maintains control. She experiences labour pains and calls Virat to inform him that her water bag has ruptured and it is time for delivery, so he should arrive home soon. Virat assures her that he will arrive as soon as possible. He calls Sai, who is in OT and does not answer. He then drives in the rain, attempting to contact Sai.

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