Ghum Hai Kisi Ke Pyaar Mein 30th July 2022 Written Update Episode

Virat informs Pakhi that instead of travelling to Mahabaleshwar

Star Plus Serial Ghum Hai Kisi Ke Pyaar Mein 30th July 2022 Written Update Episode on

Ghum Hai Kisi Ke Pyaar Mein Written Update

Virat and Sai arrive at Pakhi. Pakhi questions Virat about why he brought Sai here when he knows she left the home quietly because of Sai. Sai wonders how she may leave the home uneducated with her infant. Virat inquires whether she.. Pakhi declares that she will not commit suicide while caring for the baby. Sai claims that if she cared about the kid, she would not have come here. Pakhi states that she does not want to speak with Sai.

Virat questions Pakhi about why she came here when she seemed normal when he left her in her room. Pakhi claims to have overheard Sai telling Ashwini that she would acquire Pakhi’s signature on the paperwork at whatever cost. Virat inquires of Sai if she did so despite his admonition. Sai claims that following her admonition, he does a lot more.

Virat informs Pakhi that instead of travelling to Mahabaleshwar, she should have gone to her mother’s or a relative’s place. Pakhi claims she came here to feel Samrat’s presence since she didn’t want to bother anybody and wanted to feel close to him by feeding orphan children as Samrat used to. Virat claims that he respects her sentiments and that if she had told him, he would have brought her here. Pakhi claims that when she just requested him to take her out for ice cream, Sai refused and served ice cream in her room; she felt stifled with Sai shutting her in her house, particularly after the permission form incident, and would not come home until her delivery.

Virat begs her not to do so since her whole family is concerned about her. Pakhi says she can’t go there till Sai is there. Sai claims she is just concerned about her kid and wants to care for it. Pakhi tells Sai to get out of her way since she can’t take care of the baby until she takes care of its mother. Virat attempts to communicate with her. Pakhi yells that he is still backing Sai and wants to flee. Sai claims she promised her family she would bring her back home, thus Pakhi is unable to leave until the baby is born.

Pakhi insists on her making a vow to quit meddling in her life and not talking about gaining her signatures on permission forms. Virat requests that Sai accept it. Sai agrees to the consent form requirement but disagrees with the other. Pakhi claims she will only deal with a reasonable father, Virat, and will not cope with the mentally disturbed Sai.

Sai and Virat have returned home. Family members inquire about Pakhi. Pakhi enters the room. Bhavani is delighted to see her and inquires as to where she has been. Pakhi claims she travelled to Mahabaleshwar in search of serenity. Bhavani swears she would never let anybody bother her, including Sai. Sai reminds her that she returned Sai as promised. Sai, according to Ashwini, is correct. Pakhi claims she returned because of Virat and has established her own arrangement. Sonali inquires whether she made a vow to Sai to keep away from the infant.

Bhavani claims that it is impossible because Sai will never approve. Pakhi claims that this baby is Virat’s and that he would look after her and the kid. Karishmka inquires if Sai consented to her requirement. Pakhi claims that Sai consented and promised not to meddle with her pregnancy. Bhavani claims that Sai has now come to her senses. Pakhi, according to Sai, coerced her into agreeing to her requirements. Virat tells Sai not to say anything that may upset Pakhi and tells her to go to her room and relax.

Vaishali enters and expresses worry about Pakhi. Pakhi claims to be healthy and wants to relax. She requests that Virat take her to her room. Virat accepts and follows her, breaking Sai’s heart. Pakhi then tells Vishali what she did to keep Sai away from her and claims she prepared the path for her happiness. Ashwini questions Sai about why she agreed to let Virat look after Pakhi.

Sai says she is willing to give her life for her kid and tells them that they located Pakhi near the cliff’s edge. Ashwini is taken aback by this news. Vaishali questions Pakhi’s decision to attempt suicide. Pakhi claims she was just attempting to illustrate a point by blackmailing Sai into accepting her terms. Sai informs Ashwini that she had no choice but to promise Pakhi for the sake of her baby; she trusts Virat entirely and believes he would take good care of the kid.

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