Ghum Hai Kisi Ke Pyaar Mein 29th July 2022 Written Update Episode

Virat And Sai Reach Missing Pakhi

Star Plus Serial Ghum Hai Kisi Ke Pyaar Mein 29th July 2022 Written Update Episode on

Ghum Hai Kisi Ke Pyaar Mein Written Update

Bhavani begs God to protect Pakhi, who is pregnant. Ninad calls Pakhi and informs Bhavani that she would not answer his phone. Bhavani claims she assumed Pakhi had calmed down when Virat left her off in her room, but she had no idea she was still angry. Pakhi is clearly angry, according to Sonali, after Sai caused her so much problems.

Bhavani curses Sai and requests that someone bring Virat to her. Virat goes along the street with Sai and Ashwini. Bhavani’s tongue lashes Sai, saying that a pregnant lady left home because of her, and that she would wake up every morning wondering how she might bother Pakhi today. Sai expresses concern for each member of her family, particularly her newborn.

Virat inquires as to whether Pakhi visited her mother’s home. Omkar claims he merely chatted with Vaishali and Pakhi did not go there. He screams at Sai for making Pakhi sign the paper. Let us concentrate on finding Pakhi rather than condemning Sai, urges Virat. Sonali said he would undoubtedly defend his wife. Bhavani continues to chastise Sai. Sai advises that Virat locate her cell phone’s current position. Virat claims he received this idea from her and instructs Inspector Shinde to follow Pakhi’s phone.

Bhavani and Sonali keep yelling at Sai. Sai claims that they are blind to Pakhi’s reckless behaviour. Karishma wonders what would happen if Pakhi eloped with the baby. Sai cautions Pakhi not to worry about it since she would find out even if she is hiding in paataal with her kid. The saga continues.

Shinde contacts Virat again and tells him that Pakhi’s position has been discovered in Pune. Virat considers what Pakhi must be doing in Pune and informs Sai that they should board a flight to Pune straight now. Bhavani requests that Sai promise her not to bother Pakhi again. Sai says they can discuss it when she returns and departs with Virat. Sonali questions Bhavani about why Pakhi chose Pune over her mother’s residence. Sai attempts to talk with Virat in the taxi, but he refuses. Sai demands on seeing Pakhi’s current location. Virat hands up his phone. Sai locates Pakhi in Mahabaleshwar and claims it is near where they spent their anniversary. Virat claims to know, which is why he did not notify her of Pakhi’s whereabouts.

Sai believes she went to the Bal Mandir orphanage. Virat believes she is correct. Sai wonders why Pakhi went there, leaving them in turmoil. If she wants to discuss this with Pakhi, Virat says he would accompany her. Instead of squabbling, Sai suggests they look for Pakhi first. They arrive to the orphanage, where the manager offers her condolences for Samrat’s death and explains them that Pakhi had visited here a long time ago and departed to take Samrat’s picture. When Sai and Virat get to the mountain, they see Pakhi heading towards the cliff’s edge, clutching Samrat’s photograph. They both go towards her, and Virat wonders what she is doing here. She tries hard to seem passionate and delighted when she sees him, but she is disappointed when she sees Sai.

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