Ghum Hai Kisi Ke Pyaar Mein 28th July 2022 Written Update Episode

Devi claims that Sai is always correct

Star Plus Serial Ghum Hai Kisi Ke Pyaar Mein 28th July 2022 Written Update Episode on

Ghum Hai Kisi Ke Pyaar Mein Written Update

Virat informs Omkar that he still loves his wife and would continue to love her forever, but he will not accept his wife’s wrongdoings. Sai attempts to talk. Virat comes to a halt and asks everyone whether one family member should misbehave with another. Shivani claims she does not believe Sai is incorrect, and if he believes Sai is wrong, it is his view; they are both correct in their own way, and it is not essential for every family member’s beliefs to coincide.

Devi claims that Sai is always correct. Ninad requests that Virat resolve this matter immediately. Virat wonders how he can simply resolve the matter while pregnant Pakhi is in mental anguish. He reminds Devi that Sai cannot always be correct; she has strange ideas all the time but cannot push them on everyone. Bhavani claims that Sai’s most ardent fan is opposing her because she is incorrect.

Sai says she would acquire Pakhi’s signature on the documents whether anybody agrees or not. Pakhi Virat instructs her that she will not get Pakhi’s signatures and will terminate the matter here. He says he doesn’t want problems at home on a regular basis and recalls Sai’s pledge to keep the peace at home. He adds Pakhi is part of the family and Sai will not bother her with her strange notions since Pakhi is pregnant and shouldn’t leave the house. Sai claims she did not ask Pakhi to go, but Pakhi is insistent. Virat guides Pakhi to her room. Pakhi stumbles due of a headache. Virat picks her up and carries her to her room.

Virat’s actions irritates Sai. Ashwini consoles her and says her desire for Pakhi’s signatures is correct; she had no idea this problem would become so inflated. Sai claims Pakhi made a drama out of a minor matter, but Bhavani constantly thinks she’s wrong, as does Virat, and she doesn’t care about her kid. Pakhi informs Virat that she is just concerned about her kid. Virat tells her to relax and not worry since he doesn’t doubt her intentions, and that she may phone him if she needs anything. Ashwini questions Sai about how she came up with the idea of having Pakhi’s signatures on an agreement. Sai claims Pakhi has thrown away medications and is doing all she can to hurt her kid.

Pakhi takes Virat’s hand in hers, apologises, and begs if he may remain for a while. Virat agrees and asks if she would want to say something. Pakhi says it’s a good thing he arrived at the right moment and stopped Sai, because else Sai would have done something to her; she is exacting vengeance on her for their previous feuds. Virat claims that Sai does not believe this and is just concerned about her baby’s well-being after her abortion.

Pakhi claims that she, too, is becoming a mother and has emotions, but Sai treats her like a slave, which is harming her kid. Ashwini informs Sai that her and Virat’s relationship is suffering as a result of their disagreements. Sai questions if she should let her kid suffer. Ashwini advises her to trust God, think positively, and work hard to strengthen her and Virat’s relationship.

Virat attempts to flee. Pakhi invites her to return. Virat believes Sai’s actions have badly harmed Pakhi. Pakhi enters the kitchen, overhears Ashwini and Sai’s chat, and goes away quietly. Ashwini brings Pakhi food but can not locate her in her room. Pakhi is sent to check on her. Karishma investigates and tells her that Pakhi is not present in the whole home. Sonali inquires as to whether Pakhi really departed the home. Bhavani is uncomfortable when she hears that.

Virat returns to the room and remembers Pakhi’s claims against Sai. Sai approaches him, but he ignores her and attempts to leave. Sai wonders why he isn’t talking to her. Virat refuses to speak with her after what she did today. Sai claims he is behaving without understanding why and listens to others. Virat claims Sai is bothering pregnant Pakhi, and he feels horrible hearing Pakhi believing Sai is getting vengeance on her and screaming hysterically; he believes Pakhi is correct. Sai inquires whether he believes so. Virat wonders why, as a doctor, he should be aware of a pregnant woman’s emotional vulnerability.

Sai wonders whether he can’t perceive Pakhi’s motives and reminds him that Geeta signed the contracts without hesitation. Virat claims Geeta backed down after that, claiming that Sai cannot compel Pakhi to sign on plain paper and then emotionally abuse her. Sai inquires if he believes it is unlawful. Virat claims she will not accept signatures on a legal instrument. Whatever it is, Sai says she would have Sai write it down on paper that she will give over the baby after birth. Ashwini runs up to them and tells them that Pakhi is gone and that she may have fled home. They’re both stunned after hearing it.

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