Ghum Hai Kisi Ke Pyaar Mein 27th May 2022 Written Update Episode

Ghum Hai Kisi ke Pyaar Mein 27th May 2022 Written Update. Star Plus Serial Ghum Hai Kisikey Pyaar Mein 27 May 2022 Written Episode on

Jagtap enters Chuan Nawas on a horse dressed as a bridegroom and asks Sai to marry him. While Bhavani scolded him for his rudeness. He gets frustrated by her screams and pushes her away. Chavan is worried about that.

Sai gets angry and tells Jagtap to get out of the house. Jagtap insists he will marry her at any cost. Sai says she will not meet his demand at any cost. Jagtap laughs and challenges to get it. Vithal, as always, supports his son and says that he will fulfill all his son’s wishes.

The emperor angrily grabbed Jagtap’s neck and warned him to teach him a lesson. Jagtap’s aides rescue Jagtap and threaten the emperor at gunpoint. Birds and other people are worried about it. Jagtap announced that he would not leave without Sai. Sai gets even angrier. Jagtap pulls out his gun and threatens to kill every rat if she does not agree.

Sai fears for her family’s life and walks towards us when Bhavani stops her and announces that they will protect Sai and not let Jagtap take her away. Pakhi and Karisma are further frightened by this situation. Mansi’s condition worsens as the bird tries to calm him down. Jagtap stops them from taking Mansi to the hospital. Sai warns that she will never accept Jagtap while Jagtap keeps claiming to marry her at any cost.

Sunni takes Virat to meet a businessman named Kamat and says that Kamat is also upset with Jagtap and that is why Kamat wants to help Virat. Kamat offers him Rs 1 crore to deal with Jagta. Virat turned down his offer. Sunni insists on taking money from him and saving Sai.

Kamath also urges Virat to accept money without much thought. Virat accepted the money. Inspector Kadam went inside with the police team and arrested Virat for taking bribe from Kamat. Virat tried to explain, but Kamath lies that Virat blackmailed him and gave him Rs 10 million. Sunni and Virat were astonished to see Kadam suddenly change. Kadam put Virat behind bars.

Sai threatened to expose Vital and Jagtap and recorded a video of Vital trying to force her to marry his son Jagtap. John is afraid of his reputation and he takes Jagtap away from there. Pakhi rushed Mansi to the hospital. Virat calls Sai and informs him of his arrest. Sai was shocked to hear this. She goes to meet Virat with the emperor and proves his innocence and assures him to get out. She blames herself for all the troubles. Virat reassured her and told her to trust herself.

Jagtap enters Sai’s room and tries to force him. She cries for help. Chaunce heard his plea and ran to his room. The emperor broke down the door and threw Jagtap in the trash for his heinous act.

Precap: The emperor brutally crushed Jagtap for his heinous act. Omkar gets scared and tells Bhavani to take Jagtap to the hospital soon or else the emperor will be arrested for killing Jagtap. Bhavani asked the emperor to take Jagtap to the hospital, but the emperor refused to do so.