Ghum Hai Kisi Ke Pyaar Mein 27th July 2022 Written Update Episode

Ashwini asks Sai why did she gather neighbors

Star Plus Serial Ghum Hai Kisi Ke Pyaar Mein 27th July 2022 Written Update Episode on

Ghum Hai Kisi Ke Pyaar Mein Written Update

Karishma tells the Chavans that Sai once collected all of their neighbours and revealed all of their wrongdoings. She speculates that Sai is still recruiting neighbours today. Sonali replies, uneasily, that Sai would never do it again. Sai summons the Chahvan family. They all step out and discover a crowd of neighbours. Karishma informs Sonali that she has already informed her. Ashwini questions Sai on why she gathered neighbours.

Neighbors believe that Chavan bahu had already exposed them. Bhavani inquires as to what she is up to. Sai notifies her neighbours that she will be a mother after 9 months since doctors say she would be unable to prolong her pregnancy. Neighbors wonder how. Sai talks surrogacy and suggests that if their bahus cannot get pregnant, they should embrace surrogacy as well. Her neighbours applaud her for making the proposal.

Sai claims she has a few questions for her in-laws, and she believes her neighbours should evaluate them. Sonali inquires if she will interrogate her. Sai replies he won’t since she knows Sonali’s response. Bhavani pulls Sai aside and tells her to stop. Sai wonders why she believes she’ll listen to her now that she knows she won’t. She asks neighbours whether the baby belongs to the parents who contributed or to the lady who is carrying the kid in her womb.

Neighbors claim the infant is the parents’. Pakhi yells at Sai whenever neighbours weigh in on their family problems. Sai believes that neighbours are devoted to them and are the first to help them in times of need. Neighbors concur. Sai wonders whether it’s improper to have a formal agreement from the surrogate that the baby would be handed over to the parents after birth.

Neighbors believe she’s correct, and it’s best to have it in writing and find out who the surrogate mother is. Pakhi, says Sai. Pakhi’s neighbours believe she to sign the deal. Pakhi storms out, certain that she would not give her kid to Sai. Virat arrives home and inquires about the nature of the arrangement. Bhavani claims that Sai tries to teach her what she should do in her home, and that Sai erred by making Pakhi weep. Virat inquires as to what is going on. Sai claims she gathered her neighbours to answer a simple inquiry and received a response. Bhavani informs Sai that she would not be obtaining signatures on paper. Virat inquires as to the nature of the signatures. Ashwini invites him to enter the residence first. Virat dismisses the neighbours. One of them requests that Sai get the signatures without delay.

Virat enters the home and asks the family to explain what is going on. Pakhi comes out of the home with her luggage and informs Bhavani that she is going since Sai insulted her in front of neighbours. Bhavani swears she would not abandon her. Sai claims that she, too, would not let Pakhi leave since she is pregnant. Pakhi asks whether she believes she is a machine designed to have a kid and just obey her commands. Virat urges her to explain the situation. Pakhi gives him the permission document and informs him that Sai wants her to sign a form declaring that she would hand over the kid to Sai after birth. Virat becomes surprised and asks Sai whether she did so. Sai says yes since she is concerned about her kid. Pakhi’s drama continues. Virat’s tongue lunges out towards Sai. Sai recalls that they were also taking Geeta’s signature. Virat claims that they were obtaining signatures in accordance with process, although Pakhi is a family member.

Pakhi accuses Sai of holding a grudge against her for not having medication due to heartburn. Sai insists she is not. Ashwini informs Pakhi that Sai is concerned about her kid and has no ill will against her. Virat questions Ashwini on how she can back Sai in her incorrect demand. According to Ashwini, Ninad, Devi, Rajeev, Pulkhit, and others are also behind Sai. Omkar said that Virat eventually recognised his wife’s error and escaped deluded love. Virat claims to still love his wife.

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